Top 10 Android Apps to make you a more productive student

Sometimes, controlling yourself with your smartphone or tablet can be a bit difficult for young people. Ping! A message comes in…and then 15 minutes out the window! So what can you do to make the most out of your mobile device?

First, allow me to share a few insights about the Google Play Store. Since its inception in October 2008, ‘the Google Play store has reached over 1.43 million apps published and over 50 billion downloads’ ( There are very exciting apps over there and there  is the temptation to download all the apps that you see, especially when you have a brand new device (mostly because you think you have more than enough storage space for them). But how many of these apps do you use daily, and more importantly, how many of them will get you to your desired future?

Don’t expect to be playing around with Jetpack Joyride all night and still be in the right state of mind to study well the following morning- you will definitely sleep till midday!

And so, I’m on a quest to help you to use your device and your time wisely by introducing these top ten apps I have found to be very helpful to you. You may have some of them already and may need to download those which you don’t have so as to use them. Don’t feel lazy to free some space by deleting some apps where necessary- a friend of mine calls this house cleaning!

And remember, that you have these apps on your phone does not necessarily guarantee that you’ll be a productive student- you’ve got to use them wisely! Let’s go:


  1. Bible

This app will be an invaluable companion to you wherever you go. The Bible is the Word of God, and what a blessing it is to have it with you on the go! With this app, you can read the Bible in the King James Version with ease and joy on your mobile device. Get it!


2. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Do you have so many pdf documents to read during the semester? This app is your best choice for a seamless experience of reading pdf documents. With cloud backup functionality, you can rest assured that your documents will be safe in the cloud even if you choose to use another device to read (but you must sign up for an Adobe Acrobat account first!)


3. Dropbox

Ranking as one of the world’s leading cloud service providers, Dropbox is a neat app designed to help you back up all your documents, music, videos, photos, etc. To avoid carrying a hard disk drive around all the time, this app will help you. It’s a good substitute for your flash drive.



4. English

It is indeed possible to find out the meaning of a word without data connection or Wifi. The English app is an offline dictionary with just about any English definition you’re searching for. Plus, you can get translations in French, German and Portuguese.


5. Evernote

You can have all your notes safely tucked in one account. The Evernote app is a perfect for typing memos or even your lecture notes. You can literally create notebooks with this app and type your notes in them.


6. Kindle

The Kindle app is for those of you who love to read. Don’t go another moment without a book to read. With a vast library of books to choose from (both fiction and non-fiction), you’re sure to improve your reading habits with this resourceful app.


7. LinkedIn Slideshare

Sometimes, searching for information can be a bit tedious. But Slideshare will bear part of that tedium. This app was created by LinkedIn, the professional social networking site. It has a vast database of slides online for you to choose from various categories including business, technology, engineering, economics, etc. The slides posted are reliable since everybody posting is trying to get a good reputation out there.

unnamed (1)

8. OfficeSuite

I just love this app! It’s like having Microsoft Office on your tablet or phone. No wonder it’s called OfficeSuite! You can create, read, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint document with this amazing app. You need to have it.


9. Todoist

Todoist is a task management app. It is used to help you create to-do lisst and ensures that you follow through with the tasks you have written down. With this app, you are sure to meet your deadlines on assignments and manage your time more wisely.


10. Telegram

This is a resourceful communication app. I do not choose it over Whatsapp, but the distinguishing feature with Telegram is that you can share any type of file (not only photos and videos) with it. As such, you can easily co-ordinate group assignments in real time using this app.

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