How to finish what you have to do when you have to do it (Part 1)


I have come to find out that the way out of the most difficult situations in life is to discover the wisdom to solve those difficulties. I keep saying that every person has 24 hours in a day. We, however, attain the results we see due to how we utilize the time. Time, just like money, is a currency. It can be invested. It can be spent. It can be wasted. But there is one thing you cannot do to time: you cannot SAVE time. That means you must make the most out of every moment that you have. Every minute counts in making your life either more beautiful or less fulfilling. I want to share something I learned in my first year in PRESEC. It was a Friday in our Investment Club Meeting. I am so thankful to God for that senior’s life and for that opportunity He gave me to learn that. It has helped me greatly in being able to do the things I do daily.

Before I begin, let me let you in on something simple I do every day. Every day, I have certain things which are constants that I do: my quiet time is on top of that list. I spend time with my Father in sweet fellowship and that is when I receive wisdom for the day. None of what I do would be possible without the Holy Spirit’s counsel and guidance. So when I hear God speaking to me about those things and showing me visions of what my day should look like, I write them down in my vade mecum (it’s a name I’ve given to one of my notebooks that I carry around everywhere I go- feel free to use it). That becomes my to-do list.

But that is just the beginning. Find out more in my next post.

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