How to finish what you have to do when you have to do it (Part 2)

Before you read this concluding part of the article, I want you to have this great gift; it’s an eye-opening presentation on Time Management that was shared at the Leadership Equipment Conference by Apostle Albert Bartlett-Mingle and Lady Rev. Ekua Bartlett-Mingle. Download it and study it carefully to put what you learn to work: Time Management.Thngs-to-do

I started sharing with you about how to do what you have to do when you have to do it. Remember this: your priorities in life determine how you spend your time daily. Thus, you must know what is most important to you. That is what will inform the kind of decisions you make with regard to making use of your time. For example, Jesus had a habit of waking up before everyone else to spend time with God in a quiet place (Mark 1:35). Based on His priorities, He ordered His activities as such.

For some, their priority would be to check their mails first. But in order to fulfill your destiny, you need to identify clearly your assignment on earth. That will help you to spend each day with your assignment as your main priority.
Let us split your activities in a day according to its urgency and its importance.
Various things demand your attention daily but they can all be classified according to their urgency and their importance.
There are some things which are urgent, like completing an assignment with midday as the deadline, or replying a message. However, not all urgent things are important. For example, replying the message is urgent but is not necessarily important. This is because replying that message could wait 1 hour more or even a day (mind you, this also depends on the source of the message- some messages must not and cannot be ignored!). But completing the assignment is both urgent and important because you have a deadline to meet and you need your score in that course.

There are some things which are important but may not necessarily be urgent. For instance, it is 2 pm. You are at the library. You have a lecture at 2:30 pm. You also have a take-home assignment that must be submitted next month. Both of these are important. However, the latter is not necessarily urgent as compared to the former. Thus, you’d have to pause your research at the library, go to the lecture (which is equally important, but more urgent) and come back to the library later to continue your research.


Get a pen and a notebook and try classifying come of your routine tasks according to their urgency and importance and see what comes out.

Please, in executing the activities your to-do list; remember that it largely depends on your priorities. Also, it is your way of thinking that will influence your placement of certain activities in terms of urgency or importance.
Relevance to your life and schedule greatly count when it comes to finishing what you have to do when you have to do it.
Applying the principle of urgency and importance to your life daily is not stereotyping things. It is rather a matter of being flexible and adjusting your schedule in order to get things done, PROMPTLY!


That powerful principle is what I learned from that senior that Friday- I have kept it with me; and it has helped me for over 4 years since!

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