Facing the Corporate World with the Right Boxing Gloves (Part 1)

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Two graduates travelled to a shoeless country. The people who lived there did not have footwear. Both graduates had the skill of making shoes. The first one, when he came to the shoeless country, pitied the people for their lack of footwear. He thought to himself that there would be no opportunities for wealth creation in the land. So he went back to his home country. On the other hand, the second graduate visited the shoeless country and saw the plight of the people. He therefore figured that he could solve the problem of walking barefooted in the shoeless country by making shoes and selling them to the citizens. He did so and made it big! How did he do that? He solved a problem! This simple illustration on the correlation between problem solving and wealth creation was shared at the Seminar held during the Information Studies Students’ Association (ISSA) Week celebration on the 26th February, 2016 under the theme ‘The Information Professional and Social Media.’

The seminar was insightful and life-enriching with presentations from T.A. Noah, Mr. Lawrence Akosea and Mr. Yaw Kumey. Their words served as boosters for the students gathered in the Francis K. Drah Conference Room. The Chairperson for the event, Dr. Evelyn Markwei, expressed her delight at being present at such an epochal programme. The ISSA Vice President gave an opening address detailing an overview of the programme.

Soon afterwards, we received a stirring motivational message by T.A. Noah, author of What I wish I knew before I graduated. He spoke on Programming your life to stand tall in the Corporate World. He explained that the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary student is the extra things that they do. He made known to students present that, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will lead you there.” He shared some useful practical things that will make us stand out.



They include the following:
• Attend seminars, symposiums and colloquiums.
• Have a mindset to solve problems.
• Be innovative.
• Add value to the organization

He lamented about the fact that, “Graduates have allowed their certificates to imprison them.” He further explained that any country that is full of problems is full of opportunities. Your relevance on earth is determined by the problems you solve. Your skills and ability to solve problems enable you to stand tall in the corporate world. He wrapped up his message by asking a very critical question: How can society benefit from you?

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