10 multi billion-dollar start-up ideas you can implement in the next 24 hours

“A vision that is not documented does not really exist…if your vision permits you to sleep, revise it.”
-Pastor Nana Kufuor

The G-Youth Leadership summit was a time of discovery. Attendees were equipped with knowledge to create multiple streams of income.

Pastor Nana Kufuor, Founder of Omega Compu Systems, shared valuable lessons for sustaining your business including being bold to step out, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you, documenting your vision, perseverance and paying your tithes.

He topped it off with 10 start-up ideas viz.:

# Mobile laundry service

# Mobile cleaning service

# Babysitting

# Commercial rearing of pets

# Teaching

# Cultivation and maintenance of backyard gardens

# Livestock rearing

# After-school programmes for kids

# Food processing

# Production of handicrafts for sale


You can do it if you apply your heart and mind to it.


#Quotidian…grow daily!

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