What kind of student are you?

One day, a professor who lectured one of the courses I was taking made a very uncommon statement to over 300 of us students who were present for the lecture. It was that time of the semester where we write Interim Assessments (IAs or mid-sems).

Every student anticipated eagerly the areas of the IA, and this dear professor willingly provided us with topics that the IA would highlight. That’s like being given bonus questions. As if that was not enough, he also said we were free to copy. Free to copy?! Never heard that anywhere before.

So, the day of the IA came and as usual, many students came unprepared. I was amazed to see students scrambling for their books to ‘dub’ the answers. Others were literally having conversations concerning the questions, seeking answers to them.

What kind of student are you?

Why are you schooling?

What do you think is the purpose of exams?

That incident got me thinking: Do 21st century students really understand the purpose of education?

This message is not meant to morally attack you for cheating in any exam (if you have) but it is meant to enlighten you on the reality of learning when schooling.

You see, it is one thing to merely go to school but it is a completely different thing to go to school to learn.

I want to share with you two kinds of students that exist:

1. Those who merely go to school

2. Those who go to school to learn

The difference between these two categories of students is purpose. By the time you’re done reading this, you should know what kind of student you are and make the necessary adjustments concerning your purpose for schooling.

I believe strongly that we go to school to learn new things and envision how to practically solve problems in our world with the knowledge gained.

I don’t submit to the thought that we go to school so that one day we may get a job and raise a family. To me, that’s selfish reasoning.

Why should you only be thinking about you and your family after being empowered for future challenges? Do you think the knowledge you gain at school is just help you get a good grade?

Pay close attention: your schooling is meant to be an investment in your personality that will groom you for a lifetime of impact.

When exams or tests are conducted, our instructors have the objective of evaluating our progress- have the students grasped the concept? Do they understand the lessons taught? Are they able to apply those things practically to situations? Can they solve problems with the given knowledge?

Now, in order for that evaluation to work effectively, students must make up their minds to reproduce the knowledge they gained based on the understanding they have of it. Thus, as a student, your work should be a reflection of your thoughts concerning the questions asked, based on your understanding of the course.

Be a student who goes to school to learn- not just to reproduce knowledge- but to improve yourself with it and solve problems in your society with it.

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