Effective Time Management

In an enlightening equipment session at the just-ended Leadership Equipment Conference of the Campus Ministry of Gospel Light International Church, Apostle Albert Bartlett-Mingle shared extensively on Effective Time Management with the students gathered. It was a time of reflection and self-assessment.

He began, “I don’t do all the work alone. I can’t do it alone; I work with a team. Everybody does his bit and together we succeed.”

Apostle Mingle posited that time is a very precious resource that needs to be managed. He recounted that one thing he wished he had done better whiles a student in UCC was to manage his time well and set targets for himself.

He went on, “It is possible to excel in your academics and do the work of the ministry as expected of you.”

He noted that if you’re to do something and you ask ‘When?’, it has to be TODAY.

Recalling the presentation from the previous conference, he indicated that we need to prioritize because so many things are competing for our attention. He told participants to Google ‘The Jar of Life’ to watch the video of the rocks, pebbles and sand showed during the previous conference.

Apostle Mingle also shared an eye-opening quadrant known as the ‘Priority Matrix’ (see below).

Priority Matrix

He pointed out that effective time management starts with clear visions and goals; one of the key things is a personal timetable/schedule. He encouraged attendees to keep to-do lists and to tick the tasks as they are completed.

Apostle Mingle then adumbrated ten ways to improve your time management and increase productivity viz.:

1.Delegate tasks

As a leader, you can’t do everything on your own; delegate but inspect what is being done.

2. Prioritize work.

Before the start of the day, make a list of tasks that will need your attention.

3. Avoid procrastination 

4. Schedule tasks

Carry a planner or notebook. Make a simple to do list. Don’t overload it.

5. Avoid stress.

Stress often occurs when we accept more than we can carry.

6. Avoid multitasking.

If you want to go quick, do it alone; if you want to go far, do it in a team.

7. Start your day early.

8. Take some breaks. 

Too much stress can take a toll on your body.

9. Learn to say ‘NO’ .

Politely refuse additional tasks if you know you can’t accomplish them. Look at your to do list before agreeing to take on additional tasks.

10. Set up deadlines.

Let them be realistic and stick to them.

After sharing those resourceful points, the man of God shared some treasured lessons from Exodus 18; this should help you as a leader:

# The feeling of indispensability drives you to live an unbalanced life.

# Appoint leaders; observe that delegation started from Bible days.

# Be humble enough to give others the opportunity. Don’t wear yourself out believing that you’re the only solution to the world.

# You need a Jethro in your life to tell you, “What you’re doing is not good.” What Moses was doing was indeed not good; how can you counsel over 3 million complaining Jews from dawn till dusk?!

# Beware, though, not anyone who gives you counsel is a Jethro.

# Clarity of goals, function and purpose are conditions for good delivery.

# You must;

# Teach them the principles.

# Show them the ‘how’.

# Give them responsibility.

# The work of leadership is to serve the people not to lord it over them.

# Encourage and empower your team members.

In closing, Apostle Mingle challenged students presents to do even bigger things than their current leaders! He urged them not to put a limit on their potential and achievement.

Kindly download the presentation here: 

Time Management

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