Don’t WASTE your Vacation! (Part 7)

6. Do the work of an evangelist
Pastor Chris says, “We cannot afford to play games anymore…the time is short.” The time is short ooo…hmmm

It’s a very solemn yet joyful thought- that our Lord Jesus will return soon.

How is that related to your vacation? 

You see, your vacation is your free time (well, for some students). And so you can use most of the period to reach out to the lost!

Win some souls. Lock yourself in your room and pray for lost souls, then get out of your room and preach the Gospel. Overcome your fears by stepping out in faith. You can also go with a friend. Two are better than one.

Do something daring this vacation! Go to a school in your community and seek permission to preach the Gospel.

Remember, those who have not heard the Gospel still have hope of hearing because you are close to them. Please, don’t dash their hope.
Do the work of an evangelist!

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