Don’t WASTE your Vacation! (Part 8)

7. Prepare for the coming semester

I know that in the University of Ghana, we have a handbook detailing the various courses of the departments. I perceive that other universities also do. Take some time out to scan through it prayerfully He choose your courses for the coming semester after thorough investigation of those courses.
Start getting information on the course even before the semester begins. Your best ally for that would be Google!

 Think about how you can meaningfully contribute to other students’ lives and have a plan of action to do that. In what way can you help your roommates? Enough of the bickering and quarrels with your roommates. If you have anything against any of your coursemates or roommates, commit it to the Lord and decide to let it go. Don’t hold on to it. Before you even continue reading, call that person (or those people up) and restore that relationship.

“But you don’t know what they did to me,” you may protest. Well, just think of how much Christ has forgiven you and do likewise!

You don’t need a leadership position or title to contribute positively to the society in which you are.
Don’t leave the financial burden on your parents alone; save those gifts you’ve been receiving recently!
If your grades seem to be like an avalanche of failure, it’s time to sit up. Obtain your textbooks, handouts and notebooks ahead of time. Determine to get to lectures on time. What stuff should you take out of your schedule to make more time for studies? What smart study skills can you employ to easily absorb what you learn?
Above all, serve the Lord gladly while on campus. In truth, that will promote you greatly. If you get committed to what God is passionate about, He’ll inextricably be committed to all that concerns you, including your academics!

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