Don’t WASTE your Vacation!

​10. Earn some spondulicks

Never let money be your motivation for doing anything. Do everything in love. Do everything for the glory of God.

Guy Kawasaki says, “Think of making meaning, not money.”

Let me end with a story:

One Friday evening during my lomg vacation in level 200, I was standing ‘at my somewhere’ and then a man approached me. He asked me the course I was doing. I responded to him. And then he asked me to come over to his office on Monday. 

So I went to the office that Monday, and I was interviewed for a job. Can you imagine?! I was neither expecting nor looking for a job but I was asked to resume work the following day!

Wow! For the first time, I had my own workspace! And I was doing what I loved- editing a newsletter and social media management.

I worked diligently without expecting any money. At the end of the first month, I was paid. Can you imagine?! Trust me, what I was paid was not a pittance at the time!

Even when school re-opened, my boss still asked that I stay and work while schooling (I was non-resident then).

By solving a problem in the company, I earned some money while on vacation.

Your story may not be like mine but you can identify a need wherever you are and meet it- you can earn some money by doing so.

This reminds me of a dear peer who started doing natural fruit juice in bottles in my community. She managed to help her mum to pay her own schoolfees with what she earned.

Dear one, be wise- don’t waste your vacation!

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