The Dark Page of the Wordless book

This dark page reminds me of the darkness of sin.

Sin is the bad things that people do. It is anything that you do or say or think or even feel that is against God. It is things like lying, cheating, disobeying your parents, fighting with brothers or sisters or not being kind to someone.

The Bible says that everyone has sinned; it plainly says, “for all have sinned.” (Romans 3:23) When the Bible says, “all have sinned”, that includes both you and me too, doesn’t it?

Yes, you and I and everybody else in the whole world have sinned and done wrong things. The Bible says you and I were born with a kind of “want to” to do wrong. Your mother didn’t have to teach you how to disobey, did she? Neither did mine.

You probably get punished for doing wrong things at home, don’t you? Those are the kinds of things God calls sin. God has a punishment for sin. It is to be separated from Him forever in a place of punishment the Bible calls Hell. But God doesn’t want that.

Remember, He loves you and wants you to be in Heaven with Him someday. In fact, He wants to be your Heavenly Father right now.

But if I were to end the story right now it would seem like no one is going to heaven. Because God will not allow sin in Heaven and everyone has sinned! But God made a way for the problem of sin to be taken care of: The red page tells about that.

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