The Red Page of the Wordless book

Jesus is God’s perfect Son, He is God the Son. That means that He is God and He became a man and lived a perfect life. The Lord Jesus was the only person in all of history to ever live His entire life without sinning.

You would think that everyone would love someone like that, and yet when He grew up, wicked men took the Lord Jesus and nailed Him to a wooden cross. This red page reminds me that they left Him there to bleed and die.

When He died He was taking the punishment for something He didn’t even do. He was willingly taking the punishment for every sin that you and I and everyone in the world has ever done. The punishment was to die. And the Lord Jesus knew that the only way that your sin could be forgiven would be if He would die for you. Jesus died for your sins.The Bible says that “without the shedding of blood there is no [forgiveness]”. (Hebrews 9:22b)

As He died, the Lord Jesus said, “It is finished.” Everything that needed to be done for your sins to be taken away had been done by Him on the cross.

They buried His body. But three days later He proved that He could take away your sins and give you everlasting life by coming back to life! And without dying again, He returned to Heaven, where He is today.

Because Jesus is God’s Son who died for you, you can become His child right now!

The clean page tells how.

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