The Most Inspiring Programme on Radio for Young People Today: Teens with Vision

Nancy Owusuaa is a young enterprising final year student of the University of Ghana. She’s outspoken, eloquent and vivacious! She is the hostess of Accra’s most-listened-to radio show designed for young people, on the Voice of Legon, Radio Univers, 105.7.

Nancy Owusuaa, hostess of Teens with Vision

The radio programme is educative, interactive and rich with segments that will keep you tuned in for the whole hour within which it holds.
Teens with Vision takes place on Radio Univers, 105.7 fm every Sunday at 12:30 pm. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

With her dynamic team of young people, Nancy inspires a beautiful world of good music, educative stuff and life-changing interviews.
Here are the segments of the programme:

# Word of the Day

# Quote for the Day

# Health Tit bit

# Glossology

# Interview with guests

# Discussions on riveting topics with the dynamic panel.
Get ready for an exciting time of education and inspiration this Sunday!

As the originator of Glossology, I will be sharing content that will be aired on the show here every week to you so that this place serves as a reference point for you anytime you want to ‘revise’ after listening to the show.

Remember the frequency? It’s Radio Univers, 105.7 MHz. And the time is 12:30 pm on Sunday!

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