What is Glossology?

When I was in level 100, one of the courses I really enjoyed was Structure of English Words. I enjoyed it because it involved a lot of mind exercise with morphemes. Morphemes are the smallest indivisible unit of a word.
It’s like the way we have matter in our material world but an atom is also a part of matter- the smallest indivisible part.
Thus what happens is that words are simply a combination of morphemes.
So, one day while in level 400, Nancy, a coursemate and talk show hostess of Teens with Vision on Radio Univers invites me to get on board the show with a Mind your Language segment. I was really excited.
As I thought through the content that could be useful in that regard, I settled on two key areas that will be helpful in vocabulary development while at the same time correcting common mistakes people make daily, even on radio, TV and the Internet. I thought of Frequently Confused Pairs of Words (which I like to call the Match of the Week) and Frequently Misspelled Words.

I kept thinking of ways to improve this segment and so my knowledge from my favourite level 100 course came in handy. Why should everybody call an English segment Mind your Language? Let’s be a bit distinctive!
So, I thought of Glossology!  
What is Glossology?

Gloss is a morpheme referring to the tongue or language and -log-  simply means the study of. Put together, we have the study of language; English in this case. I know that in the coming years, many other languages will be included and there’ll be so much for you to learn and improve your vocabulary and spoke and written language!

Remember to tune in this Sunday to Radio Univers, 105.7 at 12:30 pm.

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