Something interesting about Management

One of the members of my congregation who is a student of the UGBS in level 100 asked me this question: What are the rewards and challenges of being a manger?

So, here’s what I feel about that question:
This is my opinion:

1) The manager first of all receives remuneration for his input into the organisation. Because of his level in the organization, he would earn much more than teller, if we’re talking about a bank, for instance.

2) I also think that the honour and respect he receives from his subordinates is a reward. This is because he may not receive such high esteem if he were not in that managerial position.

3) in addition, the manager gets the opportunity to come into contact with the Board of Directors of the organisation. That means he gets access to information that those at the operational level may not be privy to.

4) I think the manager also has the opportunity to network with people of high repute in the corporate world, government, the media and even international bodies.

5) Another reward that accrues to the manager is that due to the experience and exposure he gains by serving in the capacity of a manager, he stands a greater chance of being an entrepreneur with his own startup or being able to start up something after resignation, retirement or even the case of the loss of his job as a manager.

1) To be a manager means to influence people to work together with you in order to achieve organizational goals. That can be very difficult because you have to relate with new people you may not really know. You have to learn to trust people. And you may face people who are very disobedient and proud. You may have to put people in their right place when they do not follow standard procedure. You will have to learn to trust people and give them responsibility. In essence, it is difficult to take care of your own family and also manage the burden of several people, sometimes from as low as 5 to as many as 1000.

2) Secondly, the manager has to face the consequences of the inactions of even the simplest of people in the organisation. Because he is accountable to the board, anything that happens in the organization is his responsibility. He has to give the board credible reasons why things are the way they are. This can be very challenging, especially if he is unaware of certain things going on in some departments of the organization.

3) I also think it is a challenge for the manager to make some very difficult decisions on demanding situations. He has to make the decision for the good of the entire organization but sometimes he may not necessarily be able to say, “Do this.” Or “Do that.” It requires moments of thought and forecasting and studying as well as teamwork.

4) Another challenging aspect of being a manager is the ability to get every member of the organization to achieve organizational goals. This is because the manage has to affect the minds of the people so that they begin to think like him and see the vision he sees. A lot of leadership capacity has to be built in order to do so.

5) Finally, I believe a major challenge for most managers is the ability to maintain the balance on their time. Maintaining the balance of time among the workplace, family, school, Church, and even personal growth is quite challenging. Some go to extremes and become workaholics to the detriment of their family and other aspects of the lives. Others also give too much attention to the other aspects of the lives to the extent that they are inefficient in the workplace is productivity is stalled.
I think the solution is to have a good schedule. Management principles must not only be applied to the organization. Our personal lives also need them.
As such, time management is important in this regard. 
This reminds me of a story I read about a CEO of 200 companies who spent the first hour of his day planning the rest of his day in detail!

That’ll solve all the challenges I have outlined about.

Being a manager is fulfilling but needs to be approached with the mindset of a leader…to serve the interests of others before yours.

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