Understanding the True Essence of the Gospel

​It is pride to think you can secure a salvation you could never earn. Now people with such mentality are sincere but they are sincerely wrong. Yes, you want to please God and live a life worthy of him. But that should be a fruit of your salvation and not the root. After salvation, the next thing to do isn’t to try with all your might to live right. No! The next thing to do is to renew your mind with the Word of God; that is to change your thinking and as you do that, the change within begins to manifest. That’s what the Bible means by work out your salvation with fear and trembling. It means the salvation is already in your spirit, so let it manifest through renewal of mind. It doesn’t mean try to maintain your salvation. 
When you try to secure your salvation what happens is that, you place yourself under the law. And under the law, sin will have dominion over you. So notice that though you are sincere and want to please God and live right, you still keep falling prey to sin. You are daily entangled with guilt, fear and condemnation. Sometimes you get tired and feel like quitting. In your heart you wonder if being a Christian is worth it. That’s what trying to maintain your salvation will lead you into. 
We have been called to REST. Rest here doesn’t means you just sit and fold your arms. It just means the burden of your salvation is not on yourself but in Christ so you depend on him. That’s what it means to be under grace. Under grace sin does not have dominion over you. This is because you recognize that you are no match for sin so you rest in him to keep you saved and to help you manifest the righteousness in you. 
Don’t fear that trusting solely on Christ will make you sin. On the contrary, it makes you live right effortlessly. The truth is that people who believe in the gospel of grace and depend on Christ aren’t bound by sin or condemnation. The live holier lives than those who insist that we must live right to secure our salvation. Such people struggle with destructive habits in the secret then come out to condemn others. When it come to you all by yourself, you are no match for sin and the devil. But Christ already defeated sin and the devil. That is why we trust in him and as we do, we unconsciously live right.

Sandy Amponsah

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