How to be on Time…ALWAYS!

by Pastor Chris 
Imagine arriving for a meeting or even church, and as you walk into the venue, you hear the speaker giving the closing remarks. Or, arriving at the airport after exceeding speed limits and beating several traffic lights only to discover you missed your flight by a few minutes?
As a person of excellence it is expected of you to always be on time. You have to take the responsibility of making it happen by putting in conscious efforts to attain it. 
Outlined below are some tips to help you be on time always.

  • Prepare for tomorrow today:

 Before going to bed in the night, have your morning laid out. Plan the clothes you will wear and get them kept at arm’s length. Have your routine for the morning laid out and specific times to have each task accomplished. Items like keys, cards, wallets, purses etc. should be kept together in an obvious place.

  • Wake up Early: 

Waking up is the first thing you do in a day. Waking up early sets you on course early, and gives you plenty of time ahead of the rush hours. People that achieve a lot during the day wake up early in the day. The Bible says of Jesus that He rose early before dawn to pray (Mark 1:35).When you wake up early, you give yourself time to pray, prepare and plan for the day and anticipate what’s to come. The most popular way to wake up early is to set an alarm. One key tip to waking up early is going to bed early.     

  • Have duration for every task: 

Waking up early is beneficial; but it doesn’t guarantee you being on time. Set duration for every task you have lined up for the day. Don’t spend too much time on a task. For example, one could wake up early and spend too much time on getting breakfast set and end up running late. Have an account of how much time each task will take and consciously ensure you end the task within the stipulated time.

  • Clear Away Distractions:

 The little time you think you spend on social media feeds, instant messages, an email etc. amounts to a great deal of time. Avoid unnecessary chats and conversations especially when you have tasks at hand. Avoid the temptation to do ‘just one more’ of that thing you’re not supposed to be doing at a specific time, because it might just escalate from ‘just one’ to many.

  • Anticipate delays in your plan and action: 

Imagine you have a meeting scheduled for 4:00pm, and it normally takes 30minutes to get to the venue from your location. Leaving your location at 3:30pm for the meeting would be erroneous. You have to consider the possibility of unforeseeable circumstances erupting. Remember there are things that you don’t have control over, so when planning put these into consideration. It is better to be hours early than minutes late.

  • Stay at it:

It actually takes some time to make changes. If you miss it the first few time, don’t quit trying. Work on being consistent at it, Keep at it, don’t stop working on yourself, and believe that you can achieve it. Very shortly, you’ll observe that you have made tremendous progress.

“If you stick to the Word, you’ll come back with a testimony!”

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