Discovery Day was awesome!

Christianity is a life of discovery. It is about discovering who we are in Christ. It is about discovering the love of Jesus in its fulness. It is about discovering our inheritance in Christ. It is about discovering our purpose in Him. 

Discovery Day, a flagship programme of the campus ministry of Gospel Light International Church in University of Ghana, is aimed at helping God’s children in their journey of discovery. We cannot begin to discover anything without accurate knowledge of God’s Word. As such, through stirring video messages preached by great men of God, we discover tremendous revelation that pilots us in the course God had already ordained for us before the foundation of the world.

On Discovery Day, not only do we get edified by the Word, we also do it in grand style; munching on pizza while sipping on cool drinks. It’s simply lit!

Last year, we viewed a video message by Dr. Mike Murdock entitled ‘Wisdom for Extraordinary Success’. About 20 students who gathered to view the message experienced deep transformation and renewal of mind that programmed them for extraordinary success.

Sandra Quaye, an attendee from last year, testified about how impactful D-Day was to her. She described how writing down her top ten dreams and goals helped her to have a sense of purpose. According to her, she had her dreams and goals in her mind prior to D-Day but upon writing them down, it helped her to see how much work and grace would be required in fulfilling her purpose.

D-Day this year was awesome. It held on the 6th of March, 2017. The programme was an upshot of days of preparation and prayer, as well as financial investment. The Shepherds of UGGLIC were truly selfless in their commitment to making the programme a success. 

The programme began at approximately 3 pm, even though it was scheduled to begin at 2 pm due; many of the invitees arrived quite late. Attendees present numbered up to about 40 ranging from level 100 to 400. Even SHS students joined in. We also had members of Gospel Light from other campuses and branches attending the epoch-making event.

Agbesi Amenyo opened the programme with a prayer unto the Lord. Then Isaac Ghansah led participants in heartfelt worship that filled the atmosphere with the glory of God.

Minister Nana Ampem Darko ministered a powerful hymn unto the congregation.

The emcees, Minister Emmanuel Antwi and Nhyira Anning whet the appetites of participants for the time of refreshing and revelation they were about to experience.

Thus, the video message was played. Pastor Samuel Adeyemi taught on the subject “Finding someone to marry.”

Reading from Proverbs 24:3, the man of God explained that it is wisdom that is required to build a home.

He said, “Wisdom is a function of maturity.”

He went on to explain that if you want to find the right mate, you need to become the right mate.

Adding, he noted that It’s about vision; It all begins with you as a person.

Today was set yesterday. You have to define the future today.

He urged congregants to define their future first and pointed out that the most important factor in the picture of your future is you.

Who you’re going to become will determine who you will attract. He said, “You don’t attract what you want; you attract who you are.”

Quoting Luke 2:52, Pastor Adeyemi hinted that there were four levels to Jesus’ development which he used as a template to guide our maturing process viz.:

# Mental development (wisdom). Develop your sense of judgment.

# Physical development

# Spiritual development

# Social/emotional development

You need to grow and mature (1 Corinthians 13:11). Become a good husband/wife material. Grow spiritually.

Teaching on how to grow spiritually, the man of God noted that one must do the following:

# Develop the ability to hear from God.
# Put absolute trust in God.
# Obey God.

Revelation grows your spirit just as physical food grows your physical body (Matthew 4:4).

Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word.

Obey God even at the risk of your life. Develop the capacity to hear from God. Love people genuinely. Communicate well because marriage is 85% communication.

Mature socially and emotionally. He spoke about tact and defined it as knowing the right thing to say and how to say it and the right time to say it. Adding, he said that it is the ability to discern how one will feel after you have said something even though you have not said it yet.

He reiterated that the key factor is vision. What a lady needs is a man who has a vision.

Have a vision and have the capacity to communicate it.

He encouraged the gentlemen to learn to sell their vision to a lady.

Prepare more for the marriage than the wedding.

You need to grow spiritually. Take time to pray.

Define your values. Your basic values must align. When you are not yet matured, your values are not yet defined.

He noted again, “You don’t attract what you want; you attract who you are.”

Reading from Proverbs 31:1-10, he outlined the preparation a man must go through in order to become the right mate.

Empower the powerless. If you are kingship material, marry palace material.

The message lasted for about half an hour and attendees had the opportunity to engage Ministers present in a Q & A session. Many wonderful questions came up and sound Biblical answers were given.

For example, one gentleman asked, “If you think you have found the right mate and you feel as though the person is deceiving you, what should you do?”

The answer was basically simple: That inward witness in your spirit clearly shows that you should watch out. Hear the voice of God by spending quality time to pray. 

He was also urged to sit down with the person and talk to her. In so doing, you can determine from her speech whether or not she is telling the truth. At the end of the day, it all boils down to hearing the voice of God.

Someone also asked, “What about “Love at first sight”?”

The answer to that was also similar to the one given to the first question. From the video, Pastor Adeyemi cautioned congregants to not base their choice on the physical or the external. It is largely a function of hearing the voice of God. Develop your maturity.

Participants were truly blessed to receive an intensely captivating rap ministration by KriXy. What awe we saw!

It was now time to enjoy the lemonade and pizza. The delectably succulent and juicy pizza excited participants’ taste buds as they continued to engage in the Q & A…we simply could not end the conversation.

The opportunity to watch “Success Motivation” was not available due to a power outage. As such, we should definitely expect a D-Day 2.0 which promises to be bigger and even greater! That video will put springs in your feet!

Pastor Sam introduced participants to the ministry of the man of God Bishop Matthew Addae-Mensah and acknowledged the wonderful people who worked together to make the programme a success. No record of lost souls was made but each individual present received a seed that made them wiser in discerning the right mate.

Participants were finally led in faith-filled confessions that bolstered them into their inheritance.

At the end, all shouted, “GLORYYYYY!!!!”

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