Three Important things you must know about every Game

“The people who succeed in life are not really those who follow the steps neatly; the people who really succeed are those who are able to adapt very quickly to the new changes happening around them,” the well-known author, statesman and pastor postulated.
Dr. Mensa Otabil, Founder and Senior Pastor of the International Central Gospel Church, gave the keynote address at the National Convocation of the 2017 edition of the Springboard Roadshow which held on Saturday, the 18th of February, 2017.

His message was truly a home run as he shared on three important things you should know about every game. He began his address by admonishing participants as well as the global audience streaming live via the Internet that one of the greatest gifts God can give you is somebody to guide you. He also noted that taking steps is important but knowing where you’re going is more important because you may be going in circles. Moving forward is not good enough; it must be done in the right direction.

The three things you must know about every game are:

# Objectives
# Obstacles
# Strategy

On objectives, the man of God indicated that they specify what you want to achieve. Thus, every other thing is incidental. Consider a football match, for example. The objective is to put the ball into the net. It’s so amazing how people can play a match for 90 minutes which will end in a goalless draw. It seems that the goal post is so wide and the ball is so small but players seem not to be able to get the small ball into the wide net. Why?

Why can’t the players score easily? It’s because every objective has obstacles.

The good news, however, is that obstacles can be surmounted with the right strategy.

Strategy is what makes you overcome the obstacles and achieve the objective.

Nobody plans to be poor. But then, “Poverty, whether you target it or not, will target you,” he stated.

The obstacles to the achievement of your objective may be seen or unseen. There are those you plan for and others you do not plan for. Learn to anticipate obstacles that come your way, for the ones that defeat us are the ones we don’t plan for.

Several decades ago, an acronym was coined by the U.S. Army to describe a situation that has characteristics no one planned for. VUCA is the term! Our world today has gone VUCA! Here is the meaning of VUCA:

# Volatile- the situation has become volatile. It happens very frequently and on a large scale.

# Uncertain- there is difficulty in predicting things.

# Complex/ complicated- there are so many factors coming together and it becomes complicated.

# Ambiguous- there seems to be no clarity.

You see, things are not returning to normal; the game has changed. Things are no longer the way they used to be. Rules change and things are going in a different direction.

Be very quick to understand when changes take place around you. Don’t complain about changes you can’t unchanged.

Dr. Otabil admonished attendees to develop the ability to still focus on the objective and restrategize when change happens. Don’t let the change change your objective. When things change, your objective must remain the same.

Don’t play the game backwards by going into outmoded practices you unflinchingly stick to in the name of ‘culture’.

He emphasized, “You cannot go back to 1844 and change the game because the rules have changed.”

Study how to play the new game. It doesn’t take a long time for a nation to change.

Always find new ways of getting to your destination. Disappointments in life will make you abandon your objectives. Don’t allow them to do so. Within every change, there will be new opportunities. No matter how much the game changes, you will always be given opportunity by God.

You must learn to fight new enemies. Learn to quickly move, change and adapt.

He cautioned, “Be careful what you call African…Africa in 2017 is not the same as Africa in 1717.”

He made the audience understand that the attitude with which you do what you claim to be ‘African’ should be though through, asking, “Who told you eating with your fingers is African? Eating with your fingers is simply an antiquated unhygienic way of eating.”

He went on, “Somehow, we equate a new way of thinking to being white and an old way of thinking to being black.”

Keep your objective straight.

He hinted, “For a strategy to work, it must be adaptable.”

In closing, Dr. Mensa Otabil said that the world is not going to be nice and sympathetic to us. Think fast. Act quickly. Respond. Don’t complain. There’ll always be something new in your future.

Have an objective. Stick to that objective. Anticipate obstacles (seen or unseen) and prepare an adaptable strategy to surmount those obstacles in order to achieve your objective!

The VUCA must not stop you. Rather, “The VUCA is definitely a reason to be angry, restless and determined,” Rev. Albert Ocran charged.

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