#ScatterFriday is always a JOY!

In the fourth week of every month, UGGLIC has a Mega Week, where joint services are held and Scatter Friday takes place on the Friday of that week. 

It is so named because we are like the sower who went out to sow seed. We go forth scattering the seed of the Word and distributing tracts on board shuttles and in lecture theatres.
This Scatter Friday for me began very early:

I got on board the shuttle and sought the driver’s permission to share the Word. He consented and turned down the volume on his radio set.
Then I set out to share on the love of Jesus and God’s purpose in sending Jesus: to have a family of His own (John 3:16; Revelation 1:5).
One particular man had his eyes fixed on me. Others had earphones plugged into their ears but they were staring at me. My boldness increased even the more because I knew the Lord was with me and that the anointing was there to cause a change in people’s lives.
I gave an altar call and prayed with those who wanted to receive salvation and then I prayed for the sick to be healed; I had asked those who were sick in their bodies to lay their hands where they were experiencing the trouble. I saw that the man who was staring at me put his hand on his head. I prayed and cursed those devils of sickness.
It was time for me to get down and so I was about to pay my fare and then this lady tells me that she has paid my fare. I gave her a tract and declared God’s blessing over her life!
Glory to God!
When I got down from the shuttle, a course mate of mine who was also on board asked me, “Where did you get such courage from?”
I said, “It’s the Holy Spirit.”
Today, scatter the seed of the Word abroad. Let nothing stop you! Be bold and proclaim the Gospel! 
Someone’s salvation depends on you!

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