Live before you die!

Mamushka always prayed for long life, good health and prosperity for me.

Her greatest desire was to see the best for me.

She slept before seeing the full manifestation of these three things she so earnestly prayed for for me and my brothers.

She taught me to do my homework until I managed to do it on my own. I know more than anyone else that my Mamushka loved me more than herself.

She would go hungry for me to eat. She would give me some of her chicken when we ate Papaye. She would load chunks of her portion of food into my bowl.

My Mamushka is the best mother in the world. 

At this point, you would notice that I said that “she is…”. I am abreast with syntactic and semantic rules. However, to me, my Mamushka lives on…in Heaven. She did not die. She only slept!

The Word says, “Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,” (1 Corinthians 15:51).

I did not come to grieve you with this tribute or to adumbrate her achievements or failures; no! I am here to restore hope to you!

That hope is what we have in Christ! I have hope of seeing my Mamushka again in heaven very soon. Right now, she’s smiling with the cloud of witnesses, saying, “Son, fight the good fight of faith. Finish your course!”

Death thought that he won but in truth he lost. This is an urgent call to you who are alive today!

You still have some time while you’re alive to make a decision to live, to have eternal life.

Daniel Kolenda wrote a book entitled ‘Live before you die’. I always say that there are only three people you can live for: yourself, the devil or Jesus. Choose who you’ll live for now. 

Don’t waste anymore time. Discover your purpose in Christ and live it out. You have an assignment to fulfil in this earth. You did not come to earth as an accident. 

I know my mother gave birth to me because God had a plan for my life. He used her as a channel for me to live. She has done all that she has to do pertaining to me. I have no excuse for living below the standard God planned for my life. Fill your mind with the right things. Study the right materials; read the Word. Study it. Broaden your scope of knowledge. Don’t waste your life. Don’t live as a nobody. Invest in your personality. If there was one gift I received from my Mamushka aside my relationship with God, it was education. She schooled me. She bought books for me and advised me to learn more. 

Don’t think you know it all. Keep learning new things every day. Be the best at what you do.

What is that unique gift God has put inside you? Don’t bury it. Ask God for what it is. Hone it. Develop it. Use it for His glory.

Eternal life is found in Jesus! It is appointed unto man to die once and after death, judgment. Jesus is calling you today!

Come to Him and be saved. Don’t postpone it any longer.

My Mamushka has eternal rest now because she is secure in the loving arms of my Lord Jesus. 

No demon hatched out of hell can snatch her from His strong and powerful arms.

Where are you going right now? What is your eternal destiny? Give up the pride! Give up the self-righteousness! Give up the lust! Call on the Name of Jesus now!

There are two things that may happen unexpectedly right now: 1) you may die or 2) Jesus will appear physically in the skies.

He loves you too much to leave you burning in hell! That’s why He came to this earth and laid down His life for you! He did not come because you were good; He came despite your sin. He came to take it away, in truth.

What are you waiting for?

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