​2000 years ago there was an exchange! My natural life was supplanted by His! Imagine God performing a nature transplant! Yeah that’s exactly what happened! The son of God became the son of man so the sons of men might be made sons of God! Boy what a life!

Elijah called down fire(judgement) from and the fire consumed the sacrifice! But thanks be to God! As Christ(our sacrificial lamb) hang on the cross,though He was made sin,He finally called God Father again! Cheer up! The sacrifice is now greater than the judgement!

How can a man bow his head before giving up the ghost! Shouldn’t it have been the other way round??? Death didn’t use Him,He used death!

Now I am free! Now I’m delivered! Now I am free! Now I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! 

Come to him today if you don’t know him! He’s Jesus for you He has come! 

Eternal life without Christ is eternal death!

Jesus-the best Guy you could ever meet!😊😊😊

Author- the man in the midst of the Generals- Minister Stephen Kofi Antwi

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