Different shades of Blue

A poem by Dorinda Akueku-Nimpah

They said the ones with the most scars are the best heroes

They said they are the fearless ones who can take on any challenge

They said they are the ones who can change the world
They said….because they saw the scars.
Let me introduce you to the other type of heroes; the ones whose scars are not seen

They are the ones that might not show you the scars on their bodies but wrap them in a velvet smile and serve you 

They are the ones who nurse their wounds in secret yet wipe your tears

They are the ones who appear spotless, having no confrontation with life’s bullets

Yet, they are the ones with disfigured hearts from countless battles with life
Are they not all heroes? Are they not all scarred?

But you see some, and you disregard some.

I reckon you do not perceive that they are confronted with different shades of blue!
Some shades of blue are so light that they allow you vision of the scars afterward.
Other shades of blue are so blue they intend to compete with black; they leave the scars unnoticed…..and the heroes go on, wailing on the inside, smiling on the outside
It’s an issue of a unique journey

It’s an issue of this unique race we are in

It’s an issue of necessity
But there’s hope

Because there is Light

There’s Light that is able to break through every shade of blue Regardless!
So take a deep breath

You’re not in this alone

He can see you

He knows you
You think you are in your darkest shade of blue but He can count the number of hairs on your head even in the dark because He is your Light

He knows the number of scars you’ve earned so far

And maybe you don’t want to hear this but….He’s been your strength so far
You’re alive because you are not done

Brace yourself

Deeper shades of blue might be approaching and trust me, you need to go through them

Don’t fear, there’s a greater Light brighter than the deepest shade of blue

Blue is your down moment

Blue is your failure moment

Blue is your sick and tired moment

Blue is your giving up moment
What’s the shade of your blue?

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