“Entrepreneurship is next to Godliness!”

A young guy in the university decided to dump his coins into one of his Timberland boots as savings. He felt that what he was doing was insignificant so he kept tossing in the coins when he came back to the room from town or lectures. In his mind, he was simply dumping change without wasting it. 

One day, his laptop’s hard disk crashed and he was ‘hot’. He needed money to get a new hard disk. As he thought about who to borrow from and how to raise the money for the hard disk, he remembered the coins in his Timberland boots. “Well, I might as well check out how much these coins are worth,” he thought to himself.
He went to the bank and asked them to count the coins for him. The coins amounted to a whopping GHS 600.00. That was enough to settle the matter of getting a new hard disk.
A culture of savings will always yield beneficial results, especially in moments that you are financially pressed.
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