Which is more important in business?

A dear friend posted a thought-provoking question to which I gave this ensuing answer. Here’s the question:

Please help me with this question

Which is more important in business, “Mental, Emotional, or Physical toughness “, and why?

My answer:

On a scale of 1 to 3, I would say:
1- Physical
2- Mental
3- Emotional


1- Your health is so important. What you eat is what you become. You require physical energy to live. It has been proven through scientific studies that a healthy breakfast nourishes your brain.
As much as being physically disabled has not hindered people from being successful on business, physical toughness is important. Steve Jobs is dead; he is no longer running Apple. His physical wellness mattered more than even the business he was running. You don’t have to neglect it.
That’s why rest, exercise and drinking lots of water are so important.

2- Because business is all about making decisions. Being an entrepreneur means you are supposed to combine the other factors of production: land, labour, capital and in recent times, information.
You need to think in order to solve problems and crises that arise. You need to expand your intellect by reading, especially in the area of your expertise.

3- HR practitioners call it Emotional Intelligence. Regardless of how you call it, business involves relating to people. I put it third because even though you may land a deal through your charisma, you require mental acuity in order to deliver. An angry and disgruntled person who looks down on himself won’t make much of a headway in business.

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