Why can’t I allow her to pass the night in my room?

By Peyor Humphrey

A lady informed me one day that she was coming to pay me a visit. I told her she’s welcomed and that I would be expecting her.

Then she said, ‘I will be sleeping over o’. I replied no problem, that I will make arrangement with one of my fellowship sisters or my neighbour so she could put up with any of them for the night.

She said she wouldn’t like that. Then I asked to know what she wanted, she said she would like to stay in my room. I told her it won’t be possible because I don’t allow ladies pass the night in my room except they are in group of two, three, etc. in which case I will leave the room for them.

She told me it doesn’t matter now and that she’s not having any ulterior motive; and that she will ensure nothing happens.
I replied her and said, it really does matter.

Number one reason is that I am representing.

Christ in my environment. Will Jesus be in the same room overnight with a lady He is not married to? Let’s assume nothing happened, what do we tell or how do we convince people that sees the two of us come out from the same room the following morning. Definitely that’s an appearance of evil that the Bible instructs us to abstain from.
Secondly, let assume we didn’t touch each other in the night, will our hearts still remain pure? Won’t it be filled with lustful thoughts?
What then was my response? I told her all those things I described above. At this point, she was bored. Then she decided she wasn’t going to come again if I won’t allow her sleep in my room. I replied and said that’s OK by me, she may not bother to come.
That was not the first experience I’ve had over the years. The temptation comes in aliquot. But one thing had kept me; I will not do anything I’m convinced Christ will not do.
Cohabitation is very common among campus people these days, even among brothers and sisters in the church.
Allowing a lady who is not yet your wife to pass the night in the same room with you is like tempting the Devil to destroy you. It is like scoring a goal for the other team.
Sister, allowing ‘Bro’ to sleep in the same room with you is one of the signs of compromise of virtue and backsliding.
Let’s keep the standard high. Holiness of heart and life is still the key into the kingdom of Heaven.
Being engaged is not the same as being married.

He’s not authorised to touch your body until he has paid your bride price.

The beginning of backsliding is little little compromise. Let’s hold on. Purity pays for life and eternity.

I’ve made up my mind to be a Christian, I mean a Christian… Not an hypocrite! What about you?

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