Two Tomes that must stay in every Home

The Bible and the dictionary are so vital to human existence and improvement. The former serves to reveal to us a Person and the latter serves to enable us to relate linguistically to the world around us.

Whereas the Bible lifts us to engage the realm of God’s power and glory, the dictionary opens to us new realms of thought and expression.

These books are must-haves for people of all ages.

The Bible is God’s Word that is addressed to your human spirit. It is His letter to you. God’s overarching obsession right now is for you to be conformed into the image of His Son Jesus and that can only happen when you embrace His Word and submit to it, living by it and deciding consciously to manifest His Word by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Bible is not just a collection of historic stories; no! It is actually One United Story- His Story. It is the Life of God. It is His thoughts. The Bible is the revelation of your origin, your value and your destiny in Christ. You can discover your worth as you leaf through the pages of the Bible. The Bible is an eternal work. Each page exudes the Personality of God, for it is His very breath. Give your attention to it daily. Meditate on it daily. Live by what you engage in the Scriptures. Desire to be drawn closer to Jesus through the Word. Keep your focus on the Word. Let go off all your doubts. It is believable because it is from a Person who is believable- He cannot lie!

I cannot overemphasise why you need a dictionary to you. You see, everything around us came into being as a result of words. Words are the currency of the realm of the spirit. As such, gaining mastery of our use of words makes us masters in this life! How does one liberate himself from the devil’s kingdom? Through words! By confessing Jesus as the Lord of your life, you are transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of God’s dear son. 

Dear one, begin to learn to use words properly. Don’t just talk for talking’s sake. Learn to say what you mean and mean what you say. To do that, studying the dictionary will be very helpful. You can pick a word a day to learn and you’ll be amazed at how your vocabulary will improve and how you will communicate with utmost confidence.

Now, how do you study the Bible? How do you study the dictionary? 

More importantly, how do you acquire any of these two tomes? Well, if you have a smartphone or access to the Internet, it’s very easy to obtain a Bible or dictionary. Simply go to the PlayStore or App Store and download one- you can download an offline dictionary app. The same applies to getting a Bible app. You can get a variety of versions for free. 

Don’t keep a smartphone that lacks any of these two important tomes- get them on it.

Aside having a digital version of these two tomes, you need to have hardcopies. Any good bookstore sells Bibles and dictionaries.

Back to my questions: how do you study the Bible? How do you study the dictionary?


Open it and read it every day. Have a habit of studying your Bible every day. The Bible is not just another reference material. Daily meditation upon the Scriptures will transform you.

For the dictionary, learning a random word a day will boost your vocabulary to an all-time high!

Errrm…someone is asking, “What is a tome?” 

My answer: find it in the dictionary- it’s a tome!

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