One Thursday evening, I went with one of our shepherds to Evandy (a private hostel in the University of Ghana) to visit a member of UGGLIC. However, the one we went to visit was not there.

When we were entering the hostel, the entrance welcomed us with five young men who were excited and talking aloud, making echoes across the entire hostel. You could hear them even from the gate of the hostel.

So, as we were leaving the hostel, I decided to engage them in a conversation to preach the Gospel to them. At first, they seemed intimidating. But it was after my interaction with them that I experienced what a wonderful group of friends they were.

When I got close to them, I began to choke at the reek of alcohol that was heavy in their midst. I now understood why they were shouting at the tops of their voices! After all, it was one of the evenings of the first week of the semester where they could while it away with some beer! 

One of them even mockingly offered me some Coke.

Well, I did not address the issue of the alcohol at all. All I wanted was for them to know my precious Jesus who died for us and made it possible for us to have a personal relationship with God.

Fortunately, I had some tracts in my bag. So I reached for them to share them among these young men. I smiled at them as I handed them the tracts. I know that I looked awkward to them but something wonderful was taking place right there.

One of them read the title of the tract out loud when he received it, saying, “Satan versus Jesus Christ.” Then when I was about to give the final one out to this dear gentleman, he was hesitant and almost declined. I figure that he sensed the conviction of the Holy Spirit. All this while I had not uttered a single word- I was simply smiling at each of them with eyes of love. He looked at me as he stretched out his hand to take the tract and said in Twi, “Look at my state and judge me. Should I take this tract in my state?” I was quiet. He asked the same question again and added, “I know Jesus said we should not judge but I want you to judge me.” I still did not talk back. 

Then I drew him aside and told him that the contents of that tract would change his life. He retorted, “Why is it that I am addressing you in Twi and you are speaking English to me? Why is your tract in English. If you go to my hometown, how will you preach the Gospel to the villagers there?”

I told him, “Well, that’s why you’re here. You’ll be my interpreter.”

He asked, “Will you take a nine-hour trip to go that far to preach to the people in my hometown?” I said, “Yes, of course. If it’s only one person that gets saved as a result of that trip, Heaven will rejoice.”

I asked him, “What’s your name?”

He said, “Capo!”

He said, “I was destined to be a fetish priest. But I decided not to follow lesser gods because I know that their power cannot be compared to that of God in Heaven. And I am not really worshipping the God in heaven. So right now I am in the middle. I just want to take care of some things and then I will serve him.”

I replied, “Capo, do you know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? There is no middle ground when it comes to these matters. You need to decide that you will completely yield your life to Jesus and follow Him for good.”

I had to go so I cut the message short and then I mentioned my name to him. Capo’s first name was also Samuel! I was excited about that! He was asking for me to come over to his hometown to preach the Gospel. I consented and took his phone number.

I then turned to each of the others and shook hands with them, asking each one’s name. Before I left them, they asked for prayer. I prayed for them and the grace of God came upon them like a flood. What a deluge it was!

Glory to God for such an awesome encounter! Through a single interaction, a whole village will be saved. One of the things that amazed me was that Capo offered to pay all expenses for the trip to his hometown. How awesome our God is!

Pray for us!

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