Operating the Supernatural in Business

Six months ago, the son of a fetish priestess used GHS 50,000 to organize an evangelistic Crusade, in which  700 souls were saved at Konkonura, his hometown. It was phenomenal as the inhabitants joyfully received the Gospel. The young man is a tongue-talking billionaire, the CEO of the Kharis Group, Dr. Randy Impact Osae Bediako. He is the President of the Spiritual Entrepreneurs Network, which has been supporting pastors in the Northern part of Ghana monthly to continue with the work of ministry. Speaking at the 1st anniversary of the Spiritual Entrepreneurs Network dubbed “Ambience of Greatness” at the Alisa Hotel on 27th August, 2017, he poignantly posited that, “We are going to expedite the preaching of the Gospel. There is a shift in the realm of the spirit. The purpose of the wealth God is bringing your way is for eternal investment. Money is a servant and we must use it to advance the Kingdom. Tonight, there’s going to be a shift.”

Prior to his mounting the stage, a highly insightful and inspiring message by Bishop David Oyedepo was played to the hearing of the eager audience. In the message, Bishop Oyedepo spoke about the spiritual and intellectual costs of being in business.

On the spiritual cost, he noted that your inheritance is delivered to you as you have revelation of the Truth. He said, “Invest time in the Word. Every prayer you pray today is stored up for tomorrow…God does not need you for anything; you need Him for everything.”

On the intellectual cost, the man of God hinted, “To be informed is to be transformed; to be uninformed is to be deformed. Information gives value to every vision.” You need adequate information to drive the vision. He pointed out that wisdom and knowledge are the stabilizers of destiny. “Any business you are in that is void of adequate intellectual property will be short lived,” he enunciated. He charged, “Be a reader today, a leader tomorrow.”

It was truly stirring to listen to those words.

Have you ever heard of a man who travelled to the United States of America without a visa? What of a man who drove a car without fuel? Or a man who shopped for groceries in the market without a single dime in his pocket? Could there be any being on this earth like that? Yes! Bishop Matthew Addae-Mensah, founder and Presiding Bishop of Gospel Light International Church was present at the Ambience of Greatness to teach the expectant attendees “How you can grow your business with the levels of the anointing”. It was a riveting message that left attendees saturated with immense grace to produce wealth!

He began, ” The supernatural starts with talking, believing, knowing your God and what He can do.” He disclosed that there is a supernatural side to business. Adding, he said, “It is when you engage your faith with your needs that you access the supernatural. “Signs will follow those who believe, not those who pray,” he emphasized.

Quoting Deuteronomy 32:20, the man of God urged participants to engage in the supernatural by faith.

He disclosed that the same anointing used to build ministries is used to build businesses. He admonished attendees to not get confused with the world’s system. He said, “The Bible is still valid and the power is still the same.”

The man of God adumbrated three ways of making money viz.:

# The prosperity of the wicked (Psalm 73:3)
The wicked can do anything to make money, even murder. We cannot and must not make money the way of the world.

#The prosperity of the foolish (Proverbs 1:32)
Fools make money genuinely and diligently but they won’t worship God. They make foolish decisions. They support causes that do not benefit humanity. If your money does not support the things of God, you will end up being a fool.

# The prosperity of the righteous (Psalm 35:27)
The Gospel must be preached to the poor. As such, we must favour God’s righteous cause. The righteous cause of God is to get people saved.

Zooming into the levels of the anointing, the man of God touched on the first level of the anointing, which is knowing Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour. Reading from John 1:12 and Luke 10:19, we discovered the you have power over all the power of the enemy. You just have to use the Name of Jesus. Jesus is your foundation (Psalm 18:1-2). You shouldn’t fail if Jesus is your backbone. Let your business become your pulpit. Use your business to save souls and empower the Kingdom of God, and the anointing will flow.

Moving on to the next level of the anointing, which is the ankle-level anointing, Bishop Addae-Mensah noted that the anointing can be measured; it’s not stagnant (Ezekiel 47:3). The anointing must grow. Just as you can measure the speed of wind with a barometer, you can also measure the anointing even though it is not visible.

The angel of the Lord is always measuring the anointing. The ankle-level anointing is powered by the Holy Ghost baptism. As the man of God taught the Word of God, the anointing reverberated through the auditorium, coursing through the midst of the attendees. He pointed out that we need the Holy Spirit to direct us. There are some business secrets that you don’t have to share; you don’t have to be stupid. The Holy Spirit will whisper things to you.

Reading from 1 Corinthians 14:2, Bishop Addae-Mensah disclosed that we can access the needed mysteries for our business through speaking in tongues.

God has given you a Comforter and Helper in the Person of the Holy Spirit. When pressed with difficulty, spend two hours speaking in tongues and you’ll receive fresh ideas; problems will be solved. Don’t ever underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit. He said, “Speak in tongues, pray in tongues; connect with the Holy Spirit.” Get the Holy Spirit involved with your business. He will position you in a certain place at the right time.

His message was interspersed with testimony upon testimony of the working of the anointing in the businesses of people who decided to rely on the Holy Spirit to man their businesses.

On the knee-level anointing, Bishop noted that it is powered by prayer (Ezekiel 47:4). “Without prayer,” he said, “your business cannot run, walk or have rest.” Prayer will help your business to take shocks. Prayer is very important for your business to survive. Turning over to Acts 1:1-6, Bishop Addae-Mensah walked participants through the story of the lame man at the gate called beautiful. He said, “When you see so many ripe opportunities but your business seems impotent, pray. It takes prayer for your business to enter the beautiful gate.”

He taught that with the anointing, God will carry you through. At the knee-level, you are anointed but broke. However, when you step into the place, they must see the difference. With the anointing, you can command a lot. You must all the time apply the anointing to your situation. The anointing can cut short some of your problems. Apply faith to your transactions. Faith always energizes your transactions.

Let the anointing work for you and your business. The anointing was given for work. It will teach you all things. Beware! When you see a few victories, don’t think you have arrived; God has more for you.

The next level of the anointing is the waist-line anointing (Ezekiel 47:4). Remember that the Spirit of God is constantly measuring the anointing. At this level, you begin to reproduce. You now begin to have sons and daughters. The business begins to be established. This level is powered by the Word. You need to get into the Word. If you want to bear fruit, sow the seed of the Word. Get the Word into you. Believe the Word and run with it. Remember that no seed, no harvest!

Sow the seed of the Word and the seed of offerings. Your seed will speak for you. 

Miracles are not done by ordinary human ability. The waist-level anointing is powered by offering and the Word of God.

The final level of the anointing is the swimming anointing (Ezekiel 47:5). Here, you now have a giant corporate conglomerate. Your business becomes international and it expands beyond you.

The man of God further expounded the seven Spirits of God etched in Isaiah 11:2: the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of understanding, the Spirit of counsel, the Spirit of knowledge, the Spirit of might, and the Spirit of the fear of the Lord.

The man of God made it clear that the Holy Spirit is not one entity. The Holy Spirit has seven Spirits and each one has His own mandate. 

The anointing from the Spirit of the Lord is for preaching, deliverance and healing (Luke 4:18).

The Spirit of wisdom grants you the needed insight and foresight (Ephesians 1:17-19).

The spirit of understanding helps you to discern what situations entail. Engage the spirit of understanding.

In closing, Bishop Matthew Addae-Mensah challenged the young entrepreneurs present to confess the Word. He echoed, “If you walk in faith, God will orchestrate it.”


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