Top Ten Ways to Maximise Your National Service Posting

The following article is adapted from a Facebook post by Isaac Sesi. You can visit his website at

It’s been five working days since a fresh batch of National Service Personnel began their service to the nation. I have some advice for you guys. The next one year is a wonderful opportunity to build your capacity in the areas that matter. Only 1 year is between you and the real world now and trust me, it will come real fast!

Here are a few ways you can build your capacity and improve yourself within this one year.

1. Build skills that are useful for the job market and for the career you are interested in. You can do this by taking online courses related to your interests or attending seminars or short courses. Sites like and allow you to take a wide range of online courses in different fields for free. Take advantage of them.

2. Take a basic course in IT. It is MANDATORY. At the very least you should be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office and Google Drive.

3. Build your social capital by forming strategic relationships and connections with people who will add value to your life and help you along your career path.

4. Take part in a volunteer activity. There are many non-profit organisations you can volunteer with. National Volunteers day is coming up later this month. It’s a wonderful opportunity to volunteer and a good addition to your CV.

5. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile create one now! If you have an outdated LinkedIn profile, update it now!

6. Start learning how to write a good 1 page CV. If you need help, contact me and I will send you a copy of my 1 page CV.

7. Start a business if you can. Many of you have been posted to places where there are lots of opportunities to do good business. Explore those opportunities and take advantage of them IF YOU CAN.

8. Read as many books as you can in the areas you are interested in. One book a month is okay to start with.

9. Be abreast with what’s going on in the world and in the country, especially as far as the economy is concerned so you can position yourself to take advantage of opportunities before service ends.

10. Open an Investment account which allows you to add money anytime and let your bank automatically channel a certain percentage of your NSS allowance to that account every month. 10% is a good start. If you can invest more, do so. You’ll thank me later. Ecobank EDC is a great investment account to start with. Look for other similar alternatives. All the best and enjoy serving your nation.

The Author- Isaac Sesit
The Author- Isaac Sesi

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