A Read-Y man is a Ready Man

​End each day wiser than you began by investing in books! Your true value is not in how much you spend each day,the clothes you wear or your physical appearance! The information you have in your mind is what tells your true worth! Great leaders are readers!

What you read programmes your mind to think in a certain way. 

Interestingly, before God could prosper Joshua, He had to introduce him to book.(Joshua 1:8)

Many times, the test of our wisdom comes when challenges arise and quick solutions are needed! 

When faced with a challenge, the first solution that comes to mind is traceable to the information already stored in your mind.

Read the right materials, go for books that address your needs and that of others,and lastly share what you have received with others.

Let there not be a single day that you are out of knowledge. Have the solution at your finger tips. When the information you have becomes too old,you gotta learn,unlearn and relearn!

The Read-Y man- Minister Stephen Antwi

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