Why I set up slidehunter

​When I was in level 100, I saw a need. It was something I needed myself. And since I have a mindset of solving problems to make life easier, I decided to do something about it. 

This is the need I identified: I realized that in both my Info Studies and Linguistics classes, students did not really have permanent access to course materials in PDF. Even though Sakai was there, people rarely wanted to go through the drudgery of logging in to download a file.
Furthermore, once the file was shared on WhatsApp, they would eventually misplace the file or if their chats got lost, their files got lost.

Well, if this is the case, then why don’t we have a space for open access, I thought to myself.
In came slidehunter, a simple blog where my course mates could easily download their course materials without login protocols. Plus, I took the time to convert PowerPoint files to PDF so that students could read them on any device.
As a result, many of my mates got easy access to their files and read them. I saw that the stats rose during revision and exam periods when people were pressed to find them for reference or revision. I am so glad that hundreds were tremendously helped through slidehunter.

Today, I am doing my National Service at the University of Ghana Balme Library and I still think of the numerous students who may also be going through the same thing. 

I invite you (whether a you’re a course rep or not) to help make your course materials easily accessible to your mates and make life much easier for them.

Please send an e-mail to fiankosamuel@gmail.com to be a slidehunter!


Samuel Owusu Fianko

(Author of the most wanted Don’t waste your Vacation)


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