IMITATE (Episode 1): From unseen one to Evangelist

She is beautiful! She is vivacious! She is disciplined! She is a Proverbs 31 woman! Meet Hylda Welbeck, a graduate of the University of Ghana currently doing her National Service at GCB. Her passion for Jesus and for the unsaved is unquenchable! Her commitment and zeal to the House of God is a mighty force to reckon with!

But she was not always like this! Hylda used to skive from weekly Services and vacation camps organized by Apostle Victor Badger! Recently, at a Camp with Apostle Badger that ensued the “Audacious G-Youth Camp 2017”, Hylda experienced a mighty flowing river that surged through her whole being a gave her peace, joy and calm.

Today, she is joyfully serving the Lord with fervour and drawing many to Jesus! Each Saturday, together with her “sidekick”, Minister Graham, they go for follow-up in the community of Okponglo, reaching out, expressing love to people and inviting them to Church. As well, throughout the week, she calls up her invitees and encourages them. She keeps experiencing tremendous results as she literally “carries” many people to Church on Sunday mornings! She has even earned the name “Evangelist Hylda” by virtue of her mighty exploits!

Not only that, she takes accurate minutes during leaders’ meetings of the Kingdom Cathedral of Gospel Light International Church.

Indeed, nothing is impossible with God!

Are you inspired?

Then follow her example (Hebrews 6:12)!

Watch this space for our next profile in IMITATE next week Friday.

Hylda Welbeck

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