Seven Reasons why you must be a Faith Steward

“Now, a person who is put in charge as a manager must be faithful.”

(1 Corinthians 4:2, NLT)

A South African pastor took a three-week trip on vacation with his wife and committed his 3,000-member congregation to the trust of his associate. When he returned, the 3,000 members had reduced to 15 members. The associate had stolen the hearts of the members while the senior pastor was away. He had been disloyal and made away with over 99% of the congregation. Three months afterwards, the assistant pastor died. How sad! Disloyalty always breeds terrible consequences for the disloyal!

Bishop Eddy Addy, senior pastor of Lighthouse Chapel, Airport, taught extensively on why you must be a faithful steward on day 3 of a Mega Church Conference dubbed “From Smaller Church into Mega Church” which was organized by the Presiding Bishop of Gospel Light International Church, Bishop Matthew Addae-Mensah.

He emphasized that a person who is put in charge as a manager should be faithful (1 Corinthians 4:2, NLT). He noted that the Lord wants the Church to branch out into different locations. He further stated that the Church is not just a place to enjoy ourselves; God has sent us out to the corners of the earth. 

He pointed out, “No Church is called to be in just one location. We must keep moving. The Church that is alive is the Church that is moving.”

Reading from Acts 6:1, he shared that when people are not sent out, there are lots of wranglings in the Church. 

In Acts 1:8, Jesus assured His disciples of the descent of the Holy Spirit and His enduement with power, which would make them witnesses of the Gospel in Jerusalem, Judaea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth. However, after receiving the Holy Spirit, they were still resident in Jerusalem. In Acts 8:1, it took a strong wave of persecution to scatter them abroad in order for them to fulfil what Jesus had said to them in Acts 1:8.

The man of God charged the congregation not to wait till persecution arose before going forth to preach the Gospel and plant Churches. He exhorted, “Do it by obedience not by persecution.”

Bishop Eddy explained that when Churches are planted, our members who prosper will stay in the Church, and the prosperity will stay in the Church. He alluded that even if the individual were to travel to Sowutuom, because there would be a branch of Gospel Light there, he or she would simply join that branch and not think of joining another Church in their vicinity. He announced, “No matter how anointed a man of God is, there comes a time that distance becomes an inhibition.”

He also hinted that staying in the Church for a long time is not helpful. We must not go out there by persecution or force but by obedience.

Zooming into the crux of his message, Bishop Eddy stated the first reason why you must be faithful as a steward: above every other quality that you need as a minister of God, you need faithfulness. John Wesley said, “Anybody who builds a Church and does not defend it is like somebody who has built a nice farm and left it for wild animals.”

Bishop Eddy explained that when you are faithful, you are dedicated and constant. If something changes in the future, you don’t change. Faithfulness is the one quality that every Christian, shepherd or leader needs.

He emphasized, “If you say you love me when I am with you and then you say other things behind me, then you are not loyal, or faithful or consistent.”

He introduced the congregation to a bestselling book entitled “Loyalty & Disloyalty” by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills and recommended it as a must-read for every pastor or leader.

He urged the congregation to enjoy Bishop Matthew Addae-Mensah’s messages and to have them as their favourite.

Reading from John 15:1-4, the man of God indicated that most branches do not work because the associates do not stay connected to the man of God; they do not preach his messages. He said, “You must be well-connected to your pastor in order to bring forth fruit…you must be well-grafted to the stem in order to be connected to the anointing and the grace on the man of God.”

Those who have companied with us are the most valuable assets (Acts 1:22). Choose those who have companied with you since the beginning. Sometimes, such people are deceived into being disloyal.

Bishop Eddy admonished choristers to graduate from merely singing to preaching, growing spiritually and caring for souls. He cautioned sternly, “Gift without faithfulness is a fiasco.”

Moving on to the second reason why you must be a faithful steward, Bishop Eddy stated that it is to fight the enemy within the Church that destroys the Church. He said, “It is better to have 5 faithful people than 2,000 complaining ‘orangus’.”

The man of God disclosed that the power of the Church is in its oneness (Genesis 11:3-8). Lack of understanding of one another is the basis for destruction. We must speak one language.

Murmurers, complainers, slanderers and underminers of authority are all disloyal people. The devil is no match for the Church BUT he uses the disloyal sheep as his weapon to fight the Church.

He encouraged attendees to give “home support” in the form of clapping, shouting and standing during the sermon to encourage the man of God as he preaches.

He urged attendees to put their hearts into being planted in Gospel Light International Church. He also pointed out that being critical is a sign of disloyalty.

The third reason why you should be a faithful steward is so that the love of God will fill the Church (John 13:35).

Fourthly, when you are a faithful steward, we can build a large and successful ministerial team. He exclaimed, “Why be the head of an ant when you can be the toe of an elephant!?” You require consistency of pastoral care and feeding.

Another reason to be a faithful steward is so that we can build a mega Church.

We must be faithful stewards so that we can build long-lasting ministries. The ministry must outlast us.

Finally, we must be faithful stewards so that we can reap our full reward. He concluded that those who benefit from the success of a ministry are those who are faithful and loyal.

Bishop Eddy Addy concluded by saying, “Your faithfulness to God is determined by your faithfulness to His servants given to you.”

‘Twas a glorious night of insight! Join us tonight at the Phenomenal Faith Cathedral of Gospel Light International Church, Kwame Nkrumah Interchange, at 6 pm, for yet another intensely aromatic time in the Word of God!

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