IMITATE (Episode 4): Maker of fishers of men

He is full of faith. He is full of the Spirit. He is a man of God. Meet Brother Marvin Gad Opoku, a final-year student of the prestigious University of Ghana Business School.

Brother Marvin’s zeal for the Lord is contagious! You cannot walk with Brother Marvin for one week and not know the Person of Jesus! He will literally make you a fisher of men, just like Jesus!

Back in PRESEC-Legon, this young man’s life was marked with several amazing testimonies. One of such testimonies was when he dashed “occultic artifacts” into pieces. All the other students in House 9 were scared. They came to wake him up at dawn, saying that there was a pot containing juju in the House. He carried it outside the House, dashed it into pieces and set it on fire, with no apologies or hesitations whatsoever! Brother Marvin is a terror to the kingdom of darkness!

He knows no fear! He does not know impossibility! He knows that we must work the works of Him that sent us while it is still day!

Every year, Brother Marvin organizes the “One Thing” at the National Theatre, where teeming crowds of hundreds of teenagers troop to the venue from various High Schools to receive from the fountain of the love of Jesus! Several hundreds have been saved, delivered and healed during such meetings! Amazing miracles and testimonies of the power of God always accompany this glorious programme!

As a Royalties leader in the Christ Embassy Accra Ghana Zone, he is flourishing to the glory of the Name of Jesus, faithfully executing his responsibilities in humble submission to his pastors and leaders!

Brother Marvin’s love for Jesus is infectious!

Are you inspired?

Then follow his example (Hebrews 6:12)!

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Brother Marvin


A personal note from the author:

Back in SHS, at a time when I was deeply religious (but unspiritual- I was saved, though), brother Marvin made an utterance that blew my mind. He said to the hearing of about seven of us standing there, “I am a saint.” I thought to myself, “What?!” I thought it was heretic to say so, until I discovered it for myself, too, that I am a saint.

He taught me how to soak in messages and the reality of Heaven in me.

Brother Marvin, you have contributed to over 80% of my personal relationship with Jesus and I will forever remember the impact your life has had on mine! May the Lord reward you mightily! Only in heaven can we tell the extent of your impact!

With Love,

Pastor Sam.

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