Journey to the Wealths SO1-E01 (PILOT)

So about a year ago I wrote this piece about time which I never published. The main theme of this piece is the fact that time is everyone’s most valuable asset. Maybe somewhere in this series I’ll refine it then publish it. For now I want to share a few thoughts on personal finance. This is really my first published project so please pardon my beginner mistakes. 

My intended audience is those of you out there who want to be wealthy and are prepared to pay the price for it. I’ll leave you to judge whether this series is worth it or not but I ask that you come along with me on this journey for at least 2 weeks before you pass your final judgment. After that if you’re not interested just let me know and I’ll stop bothering you with them. Who knows maybe one day I’ll do a piece to convince people to choose to be wealthy but today is not that day. Today’s piece is just an introduction to the series so I’ll just jump right into it. 

I don’t presume to know it all; at best I’m just suggesting ideas for your consideration so don’t hesitate to give me a counter argument or criticism. Truth is most of these ideas are not my creation I normally come by them as I read material from other people. For this next few episodes I draw a lot of ideas and inspiration from George S. Clason’s “THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON” so I’m basically just sharing ideas from the book in the context of my experience. By experience I mean all the wisdom and knowledge I’ve gathered in my short life so far. This includes my own first-hand experiences and those learnt from observation, reflection and reading. I hope that this series will help you on your path to wealth. 

When I say WEALTH I mean abundance across all aspects of your life. This includes finances but not limited to that only. For the first few episodes I’ll focus on financial wealth but throughout the series I hope to touch on wealth in general. I strongly believe that the whole journey begins in the mind. This implies that your mindset is a vital part of this journey. This mindset I’ll define as our personal philosophies and these are what inform our various actions these philosophies we have formed over the course of our life and it’s based on our experiences primarily. We’ll talk more about this as we progress through this series. 

Being wealthy financially is far different from earning a high salary or owning a big house and some cars. Now let me hold that thought we’ll come back to it in due time. For this introduction what I want you to get is this will be a journey of Personal Development and not a mere  list of actions to copy. I urge you therefore to strive “to be” and not just strive “to do”. It might be more difficult initially but in the long-run it’ll be more effective. As I said today is just the introductory episode so I’ll end here. 


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