Three Fundamental Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Ask Themselves before Getting Started

“Entrepreneurs walk when people board ‘trotro’; they board ‘trotro’ when everyone boards a taxi; they buy a motorcycle when everyone buys a car.”

– Hon. Ato Sarpong, Former Deputy Minister of Communication

At a recent convocation of young entrepreneurs dubbed “Get Started”, Honourable Ato Sarpong, former deputy Minister of Communications, shared very important insights on how to get started as an entrepreneur.

He shared that the fundamental for entrepreneurship is Genesis 1:2. Adding, he indicated that there is a lot of chaos. However, we must determine to have clarity on where we’re going in the midst of the chaos.

The truth is that if you are not clear in where you are going, you will not get there.

He further stated, “Without clarity of intent/thought, you can’t be successful.”

The next fundamental thing to consider is your choices. He emphasized that the choice of your spouse makes a significant difference.

Adding, he taught that your choice of the environment you want to operate in is vitally crucial.

He startled his audience by saying, “There is no hardworking man who is successful. Success never comes from hard work.”

He thus went further to state the third fundamental thing, which is your connections. He instructed, “The first person you should listen to is your pastor.” He explained that relationship is so vital and therefore hinted that we must be real and have integrity.

He admonished the budding entrepreneurs to be good apprentices.

He pointed out, “It’s not about who I know; it’s about who knows me…sometimes you have to work for free. In so doing, you build a relationship.”

He further taught that entrepreneurship is a long journey.

In closing, Honourable Ato Sarpong revealed to the young men, “The best woman you can marry is a woman who will follow you if all you have is a dream.”

Answer the clarity, choices and connection questions and then you can get started!

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