Do it NOW!

Last year around this time, the Spirit of God impressed upon my heart to write down accounts of His goodness in my life! 
I took the opportunity to share some of those testimonies/experiences on my blog ( and on my Fb Timeline. You read them, making those stories complete. I sincerely appreciate your audience and readership from the bottom of my heart. I thank God for the opportunity to have inspired you through those accounts. 
Many were the stories that recounted the salvation of some souls and the demonstration of God’s love to the needy. There were times I experienced difficulty in sharing my faith with people I didn’t know from anywhere (I did not share those stories) and I missed out on those opportunities. But I learned my lessons; the Holy Spirit taught me.
I now understand why John wrote that if all the works of Jesus were to be penned, the whole world would not be able to contain the books that would have been written. God did many many many amazing things for me that were awesomely jaw-dropping that I did not even know how to put them into words. He is so faithful! Thank You, Abba!
One of the key things I want to share with you as the year draws to a close is about doing what you have to do NOW (of course after planning well).
One Monday morning, I was bombarded with incessant phonecalls from my elder brothers. They demanded that I come home that evening. It was exactly a week to my 23rd birthday. I had so much on my plate…lectures, group meetings in preparation for a presentation, assignments here and there…so I got home after 9pm. Plus, I had another group presentation the following day!
I managed to get home to meet a locked door! After a few moments of patiently waiting, my elder brother came to open the door. I was quite disappointed that I could not get a haircut before coming home because I wanted my Mamushka to see me not looking all scruffy with ”unshaped hair”. 
So I got inside and Edem (my elder brother) asked me to sit down. He wouldn’t offer me a seat under normal circumstances…but when he bowed to tell me what he had to say, I seemed to already know what it was. He said, “Selorm, Mama ewu oo…”- Mamushka had passed away!
I could not cry, and I had to get back to campus for my presentation the following day. I had decided to raise my mum from the dead! I would not allow such a thing to happen! So I left the house that night for campus. I could not tell a single soul about it that evening, except for my youth pastor, Apostle Albert Bartlett-Mingle. I had the opportunity to see her body at the mortuary five days after her passing (I prayed over her body and commanded her to arise but the mortician looked at me in disbelief, saying that there was no blood in her body since she had been ‘frozen’- my Mamushka did not come back to life). She was 57.
Through it all, one of the remarkable things I can’t bring myself to understand is the strength of the Lord. Psalm 125:1 speaks of the one who trusts in the Lord- he is unshakable, like Mount Zion! And so, I boldly declare, “I am unshakable!”The Lord is my Strength!” 

My Mamushka’s birthday is 14th December. Last year, I was picturing how I would celebrate her on her 60th birthday! I was hopeful that I would have built her at least a house as well as a mall by that time! But she could not even stay on earth long enough to see my graduation! Not that I did not honour or love my Mamushka when she was on earth. 
On the contrary, I loved her and honoured her. I was always the one to get her a devotional at the beginning of each year. I would get her notepads. We would talk on the phone for hours when she was away from Accra- she would advice me and I would preach to her. She loved my messages so much! In fact, she always said to me, “Selorm, I always love to hear you preach to me.” 
Dear friend, do not postpone that which you have envisioned in your heart to do in the name of “waiting on God” for the resources to do it. This is the time to act! You have planned! You have thought through all the possible variables. You have prayed earnestly! It’s now time to act! Give yourself wholly to the Lord! Develop that skill! Go to that neighbour to share the Gospel! Start that business! Give that offering! Start that course you have put off to do for so long! Marry that woman! Invest that money!
Thanks so much for reading! 
The time to act is NOW! Remember, the coming of the Lord is nearer now than we first believed!

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