[New E-book] Photizo: How to Study the Bible and Understand its Text in Context

Yesterday, a dear brother walked up to me with a white tablet in his hand. He tapped me and showed me a portion of Scripture, asking, “What does this verse mean? I don’t understand.”

I helped him with the verse and we searched for the meanings of the words which he had difficulty with in the dictionary. Then, he was glad!

Interestingly, two months ago, I was ‘sitting at my somewhere’ when the Lord nudged me with some points for understanding the text of the Scriptures in context. So I wrote them down.


Now, after that incident yesterday, I saw how urgent the need was for people to get a hold of this simple guide I have put together. It will be a mighty blessing to you. If you have difficulty bringing yourself to appreciate the Bible because you think it is a complicated book, get ready to have a shift in your thinking as you dive into this treatise!

Download it for FREE on here at 11:11 am today!

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