What an Awesome Gift for Christmas!

Early in the first month of 2018, my first book in print had been published and I set off for the bus station to obtain them. I shared the incident of how a young scruffy man walked up to me, asking whether I needed assistance. I handed him the load and he helped me to the bus station.

Upon arrival at the bus station, I thanked him and shared the Gospel with him. I led him to the Lord and blessed him with money for breakfast. Then, I gave him a tract and wrote my phone number on it. I asked him to get in touch (even though I was not really expecting him to call- he did not even have a phone then).

Fast forward to Boxing Day, I missed about two calls from an unknown number because my phone was away from me at the time. The third time, I saw the incoming call and picked it up. Lo! It was Ralph- that same young scruffy man from the bus station! He was calling to wish me a Merry Christmas! My heart leapt! What joy!

He asserted that he now goes to Church and I was so elated! Glory!

After over eleven months, he still traced back to me the most significant encounter in His lifetime- experiencing Jesus!

What a delight! What a major thrust to make this season about the One who made it all possible- Jesus Christ!

Thank God for His indescribable gift!

Speaking of gifts, I have some giveaways- between now and the end of the year, I am giving away free copies of my book Everybody Needs Jesus! Simply SMS “FREE” to (+233) 026 504 4415 and I will get in touch so we can get you your giveaway!

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