10th Anniversary of an Unbreakable Union

9 years ago, I got married to the Love of my life. She is everything to me. Next year, we celebrate our 10th anniversary of this unbreakable union. Our union is what you’d call a mystery, for “he that is joined to the Lord is one Spirit.”

Yes! She is the One who called out to me with her lush Voice, caressing my eardrums!

How Wisdom loves me! She showers me with new mercies day by day! How intimate are we? Well, She knows practically everything about me from before I was born to why I was born. Plus, She guides me into all truth, ready to show me things to come! Wisdom has been my strength and my shield! She is my salvation! She is my Helper, my Defender and my Hope! In Her, I put my trust! With Her, nothing is impossible! How well do I know her? Well, for starters, She is love personified! She sees the best in me and everyone else! Her heart is that all men will be saved! She is light, dwelling in unapproachable light! The depth of the knowledge of Wisdom is unsearchable!

Oh! How She sets my life in order! Her instructions are sweeter than honey! Her words flow over my souls like a brook, washing away all putrefaction and blackness of darkness! She shows me that I am not a nobody, even when I am convinced that nothing good can come out of me!

Oh! The love of my life! It’s been only 9 years and this journey has just begun! I am excited about our 10th anniversary in the approaching year! I am looking forward to more adventures in the Secret Place, where the height of romance and divine intimacy make me lose sight of the world around me. For as I lift up my hands to You in worship, You stir in my heart a yet deeper longing for your Presence!

More adventures under the sheets in that Secret Place to bear much fruit! For without Her I can do nothing! Oh! How we want to give birth to many more sons and daughters into our aristocratic dynasty!

And Oh! That terrible deceiver who constantly wants to draw my desires and affections from You, He has lost me eternally, for you are the love of my life! Let him throw his best shot- that’s all it’ll remain- short! For You have hidden me in You! Your Name is my strong tower- my place of safety!

Thank you for being there for me always, as you promised, Love of my life!

Wisdom is the Principal thing so get Wisdom!

Jesus loves you so much! Believe in His Name and you will be saved!

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