Never forget to do Altar Calls for Salvation!

I had a horrifying experience several years ago. Yet, it became a glorious experience, because it changed my ministry. My entire calling has been to help people achieve their dreams and goals. So subconsciously, I somewhat lost my thrust to “win the lost.”
I was in southern Florida and had just finished a youth conference, when a young, 12-years-old, rushed out of the building to cross the street to a restaurant. A truck was coming down the freeway. It smashed into her little body, threw her on the side of the road. I knelt beside her, as the ambulance and paramedics arrived, and tried to revive her. They could not, and she died.
It dawned on me that I was her last opportunity to get into the family of God. My mind clawed back through the memory of that service to recall giving an explanation of the Gospel, or offering to pray a prayer of commitment to Christ. I could not remember that entire evening ever explaining what the Gospel was all about, not praying a prayer of commitment to Christ with anyone.
I went on a twelve-day fast. At the end of the twelve days, I made a commitment to Christ, that whenever I walked to the pulpit I would do two things: (1) Give my declaration of my faith in God and why I was a believer. (2) Pray a prayer of commitment with anyone who wanted to make changes toward God.
The result has been astounding. Literally thousands have come to know Jesus in the last several years because of this decision. Before I sing my special songs, do any teaching, I give what I call my “declaration of faith in God,” and then I offer to pray a prayer of faith with anyone who wants to be born again. This is usually my approach.
If I had one thing in this entire Young Minister’s Handbook that I count as vital, this would be the one section I want you to remember.
This extract is culled from The Young Minister’s Handbook by Dr. Mike Murdock.
#Quotidian…grow daily!

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