‘…you’ve got the wrong boyfriend altogether.’

When I was a young man, I had an experience that profoundly changed my whole life and ministry. I had a meeting in North Germany. It was wonderful. The people responded to the Gospel. I was very very glad. At the end of the Service, I stood at the exit, shaking hands with the people as they left when suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke in my heart and said, “Behind you is a young lady that is about to leave.” I turned around and indeed there she was. I caught her by her arm; I said, “Excuse me, have you already received Jesus Christ as your Saviour?”
To my surprise, tears gushed out of her eyes.
She said, “No, I haven’t. I want to but I can’t.”
I said, “Why can’t you? Find salvation tonight in Jesus Christ.”
She said, “Because I’ve got a boyfriend who hates Jesus.”
I said, “Wait a minute! If you have a boyfriend who hates Jesus, you’ve got the wrong boyfriend altogether.”
She said, “No. But I love him so much. I love him so much. I love him so much.”
She pulled herself loose. She walked out of the door. It was night.
The next morning I sat at the breakfast table eating when a friend of mine rushed in and said, “Did you hear? Did you hear? Something terrible happened outside.”
I said, “What happened?”
It turned out that that very girl from the night before had been killed in an accident.
When I heard that, my breakfast got stuck in my throat. I slipped off my chair and I started to pray.
I said, “Oh Lord! Had I preached clear enough and with the necessary urgency!”
The Lord spoke to me, comforted me and said, “You have done everything you could have done!”
But still since that day I vowed to God that I’m going to preach the Gospel with all CLARITY and SIMPLICITY and URGENCY, that even a child could understand.
This transcription is an excerpt from Reinhard Bonnke’s Full Flame Series. Get in the flow at http://www.gettheflame.com.
#Quotidian…grow daily!

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