Angry Birds 2: Flightless Birds Fly High in Leadership

Some people say cartoons are for children. But contrary to popular opinion, some cartoons are replete with useful lessons for life application. That is not to say that our lives should be guided by lessons from cartoons. Nonetheless, I believe that if you will listen to or watch something, you should learn something at the end of the day that will inspire you and spur you on to good works.
Ever heard of Angry Birds? Yes. That game in which enraged birds are engaged in an epic battle with pigs. Well, there is an animated movie based on the theme of the game.
I don’t really recall the plot of the first one I watched but Angry Birds 2 is very interesting, funny, and thought-provoking. If you haven’t watched it, I wouldn’t like to spoil it for you but let me give you a simple 10,000-foot view.
An incensed, sinister-turned eagle that has her own ice island has vowed to take over two other islands- Bird Island and Piggy Island using iceballs filled with lava! 😱 Her plan is intercepted by the technologically-advanced Piggy Island and they make a truce with Bird Island to stop her and preserve the inhabitants of their islands. Red, the egotistical bird, who has been acclaimed hero for saving Bird Island, is not in favour of the idea of a truce with Piggy Island but eventually the truce falls into place and a team is put together to save both Bird Island and Piggy Island. So that’s how the story goes till they save both islands and even the sinister eagle herself.
Here are some valuable cues to take from these flightless birds:
# Teamwork makes the dream work
The Head of State of Piggy Island assembled a team with complementary gifts that came together to achieve the goal of dismantling the weapon aimed at levelling the two islands. The work may be huge but with right team, it will be done.
# Insecurity can be disastrous
As I pointed out earlier, Red was an egotistical character in the movie. Since holding the title ‘hero’, he did not want to let go off it. He was scared someone else would take his place and protested that a truce was not necessary for Bird Island, even though it was clearly needed.
# No matter the opposition, do your best.
Silver, a very brainy bird, invented a contraption that proved very useful during their mission. However, back in her classroom, she was making a presentation about it…and the birds seated were yawning and sleeping- no one seemed interested. Everybody was doing their own thing, but Silver didn’t give up!
# Don’t underestimate the little children
These cute hatchlings gave me a good laugh! 😂 You should see how they ended up in space in their quest to protect their sibling eggs. They did all they could to protect the eggs but eventually the eggs landed on the body of a coiled snake that was sleeping peacefully. How were they going to save their siblings from this predator? Well, they did! And to top it off, they made and wore a hat and a belt of the snake’s skin, having given it a good beating! Better to be a hatchling awake than a sleeping snake!
# Don’t hesitate to make a U-turn
The sinister eagle was Mighty Eagle’s fiancée that he stood up on their engagement day. 😥
As they progressed to go and destroy the weapon, Mighty Eagle retreated, because he was scared. However, he had a change of heart later and went back to help the team to complete the mission. Same goes with when the hatchlings took away the eggs from that sleeping snake. Do you know they rather took away the snake’s eggs, after all the beating they gave the snake? Well, eventually they returned the snake’s eggs and took back their newly hatched siblings! That’s the way to go!
# Let down your ego
Red’s ego got him into a lot of trouble. In a submarine en route to the ice island, they were examining some really sophisticated tech that could help them complete the mission with ease…but then again Red’s ego was in the way. Point is, things don’t always have to be the way you want them to be, especially when a better alternative is available.
# It’s okay to not have a plan; someone else may
One character on the team that really fascinated me was Silver- a very smart bird (no pun intended). She was mathematically astute and was clearly the one to lead the team…well, from behind.
So, the team is on Eagle Mountain, preparing to go and capture the ice island. Red blurts out a three-step ‘unthoughtthrough plan’ (for want of a word) and grins with satisfaction. But as Silver listens, she scribbles in her notepad “There is no plan”. Nevertheless, she points out what the plan should be. In your team, some unassuming folks could be holding the plan that you struggle to articulate but conceal with loquaciousness and verbosity (😅 verbose, innit?)

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