Rely on the Holy Ghost

My mind was taken back to a day in Oakland when some seniors came to my classroom and handed us small pieces of paper on which they had written verses of Scripture. We were three friends who used to attend Day Students’ Scripture Union together. These seniors were Executives of the Union and gave us foreknowledge that we would be preaching on the verses they had given us. As a form 1 boy, I didn’t give it a second thought, mainly because I was not ready to preach and I did not know how to preach. I had no eloquence whatsoever.
So the day came and we were supposed to read out the verse and share our understanding of it. I can’t even recall whether or not I read the verse before the day…but it’s quite interesting that it was from John 16, a chapter popularly referenced when sharing on the Person and the the Work of the Holy Spirit. I asked God for them to skip me and call someone else to read and share his verse, but it seems I was supposed to be called upon that day.
When the senior called me, I walked up to the lectern, quivering with the small paper they gave me in hand and my Bible. I opened to the portion and read it out. Then I said a few words I can’t remember…but I’m definitely sure that I messed up big time. One thing I know about me is this: if I do a presentation and I can’t recall anything I said months or years after, then I must have really messed it up. I marched to my seat, thinking to myself, “What was that? I don’t even understand what I read out.”
As I thought through that experience, I was humbled and grateful to God for His precious Holy Spirit, without Whom nothing in my life would work out well. He has really changed my life…well, there’s a lot more to learn and change.
Fast forward to form 3, here I was standing on a stage and preaching the Gospel with boldness to form 1 boys in the main Assembly Hall. When I called for those who wanted to be saved, they came forward in droves to receive Christ. As I reflect on this, I can’t help but give the credit to the Holy Spirit, who put His fire in my heart to tell of the love of Jesus!
Today, it is no different. My fear of addressing people about Jesus is gone and I can articulate His message with clarity and joy! The Scriptures are now beautiful to me and I seek to understand more and more, simply because He came into my life and changed everything. No wonder He says you have not been given a Spirit of fear, but of love, of power and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).
The Holy Spirit is the single most indispensable Person for you as a child of God. He’s the One called alongside you (John 14:16). Acknowledge Him, recognize Him and rely on Him.
If you have not received the Holy Spirit, this is your opportunity to do so. Jesus said the Father would give the Holy Spirit freely to you if you ask (Luke 11:13). It’s time for you to receive a fresh anointing for living unto and serving the Lord.
Let’s pray:
“Father, thank You so much for the gift of your Holy Spirit. I’m glad you sent Him to help me in this walk of faith. I acknowledge Him today as my Comforter and I receive Him this moment. Father, please fill me with your Holy Spirit today that I may be a bold witness for Jesus and do your work. I receive utterance to speak with other tongues as your Spirit grants me, in Jesus’ Name! Amen!”

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