Have you ever wondered how you could easily find relevant information while doing your research for your project, or locating your lecture notes/slides online or simply finding out about something you came across the other day? Well, I’ve been there before and I think you’ve found the solution here!

acasearch (simply an abbreviated form of academic search) is designed to help you to find information the way you want it. The information presented on this blog is tailored to suit your needs as a student and to help you to have practical solutions to the problems you face.

Relax, and enjoy comfy studying as you read through the articles and download your lecture notes/slides.

How to hunt for slides

  1. Know the title of the slides/notes you’re searching for.
  2. If you don’t have a direct link to the slides/notes, type the title in the searchbox to your right. Alternatively, you can click on the free downloads tab and select your preferred choice of slides/notes.

If you can’t locate your slides/notes here, leave a comment with your e-mail address (or your course rep’s e-mail address).



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