“…I will pray until I become prayer itself.”

David says in Psalms 109:4 (The Passion Translation), “…I will pray until I become prayer itself.” There must be some earnestness to your prayer, supplication and intercession unto God. Such passion and fervour that drives you to tarry in His Presence for hours upon hours, not because you want to get God to do something for you but simply because you’re bringing yourself and all creation to align with His perfect will.

As you pray in the Spirit, you shed off your mortality and unite yourself with Divinity, making power available to effect changes in the realm of the Spirit.

The Urge to do Wrong is so Strong

The Urge to do wrong is so strong
But do you have to do wrong if you’re strong?
“If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small”
But if your strength is small,
Don’t fall!
Stand tall!
For that’s all your duty: STAND TALL!
The Urge to do wrong may be strong
But all you gotta do is to STAND!
Stand tall, rooted and grounded firmly in Christ
Don’t be moved
Always abound in the work of the Lord
When the urge to do wrong is so strong,
Look to the One who was tempted in all points yet never sinned
When the urge to do wrong is so strong,
Remember His Word: “Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good”
When the urge to do wrong is so strong,
Remember who you are and whose you are:
The Temple of God, bought with a price

#EDIFY…poetry that builds you!

I just wanna be HOT!

A Psalm of Consecration, Dedication & Separation

I don’t wanna be cold…

No no no no

I don’t wanna be lukewarm

No no no no

I just wanna be HOT!

Yes, HOT!

Full of the FIRE of the Holy Ghost

Fervent in Spirit

Walking in the Light of His Word

And piercing through the darkness

I wanna shine brightly for God

With the Truth of His Word

Walking in His Glory

Showing forth His Praise

No no no no

No more cold

No no no no

No more lukewarmness

I don’t wanna be spewed

Out of the mouth of the I AM

I wanna be ONLY HOT!

Blazing HOT like the Sun

Yes, the Son of Righteousness!