Information Studies

Marketing of Information Services (INFS 424)

Marketing of Information Services (notes)

Service Marketing Excellence

Information Storage and Retrieval (INFS 422)

Course Outline 2017


Mastering Google Search

Class Project

Group Presentations of different Databases


Search Interface (notes)

Telecoms & Networking (INFS 428)

Syllabus 2017

Radio Transmission

Radio Receivers

Superhet Receiver

GSM Communication

Satellite Communication Systems

Public Information Address Systems

Additional Materials

Additional Material_GSM

Additional Material_P.A Systems

Additional material_Physics of Communication systems

Automated Information Retrieval (INFS 427)

Basic Concepts in Information Retrieval

Problems of IR

Introduction to Information Retrieval

History of Information Retrieval

The Seven Ages of Information Retrieval

Bibliographic Formats

Concept of a Document

Database Technology

What is a MARC Record?

Online and CD-ROM Information Retrieval

Web Information Retrieval

Indexing & Abstacting (INFS 324)

Indexing and Abstracting notes

Systems Analysis and Design (INFS 328)

Systems Analysis and Design notes

Collection Development (INFS 326)

Collection Development 1 slides

Collection Development & Management slides

Factors Affecting Collection Development & CDP slides

Selection (Parts 1 &2) slides

Acquisition slides

Processing slides

Production of Information Materials slides

Legal & Ethical Issues in Collection Development slides

Security of Library Materials slides

E-Resources slides

Public Relations

Public Opinion Public Opinion (slides)

Public Relations Public Relations (slides)

Communication Communication (1) (slides)

Communication Communication (2) (slides)

Research Methodology (INFS323)

Overview of Research Overview of Research (notes)

Classification of Research Classification of Research (notes)

Data Collection Data Collection (slides)

Data Collection Instruments Data Collection Instruments (notes)

Sampling Sampling (notes)

Research Process Research Process (slides)

Measurement Scales Measurement Scales (slides)

Sampling Design Sampling Design (slides)

Database Management (INFS329)

Course Outline Course Outline

Computer Science Specializations Computer Science Specializations

Introduction to Database Introduction to Database

DBMS Environment Database Environment

Data Model Data Model

Architectural Frameworks Architectural Frameworks

Distributed Database Distributed Database

Social media Social media

Cloud computing Cloud Computing

Database Replication Applications Database Replication Applications

Database Security Database Security

Practical Session 1 Practical Session1

Principles of Management (INFS212)

Overview of Management (Part 1) Overview of Management

Overview of Management (Part 2) Overview of Management 2

Managerial Planning ManagerialPlanning1

Managerial Planning Managerial Planning 2

Strategic Planning Strategic Planing Slides

Management by Objectives MBO

Organizing Organizing Function(notes) The Organizing Function (final notes) Organizing Function (slides)

Controlling Controlling(notes) Organizational Control (slides)

Motivation Motivation (slides)

Strategic Planning Strategic Planning (slides)

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