Seven must-have books to Jumpstart your Journey with Christ

Coming to Christ is an initial step you take to enter into an eternal commitment or relationship with Him. Now, you have to get to know Him and know who you have become…because the truth is that there has been a drastic change in you.

It’s just like when two people get married. The wedding ceremony is not all there is to the marriage. In fact, it’s just the beginning of an adventure of love, and knowing each other and exploring each other in all dimensions.
As a child of God, one of the principal means by which you will grow is through the knowledge of God’s Word. Your faith can only grow through the Word of God, because it is the Word of God that brought you into the faith in the first place (1 Peter 1:23). The Bible says, “Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord.” (2 Peter 1:2). And elsewhere, the Apostle Peter notes, “As newborn babies desire the sincere milk of the Word that ye may grow thereby.” (1 Peter 2:2).
So exposing yourself to the contents of the Bible and teaching materials prepared by anointed vessels of God in the Kingdom is very vital for your spiritual development.
Maybe, you are already enrolled in a Foundation School class or New Believers School class or some class of some sort where you’re being taught the basics of your faith in Christ. This may well be the most important aspect of your spiritual development, so take it very very seriously. It is said that the most outstanding authorities in various disciplines all over the world are those who have mastered the elementary principles of their respective disciplines. If you will give yourself to know the basic truths of Christianity, you will really enjoy your Christianity and live in triumph all the days of your life.
Mind you, though you may have been enrolled in these classes, it is also important for you to personally make time to study the Word of God for yourself, along with sound material. Your salvation is an individual affair and so you must make a personal commitment to know the Lord for yourself and not just have a general knowledge of this Jesus you have met.
So, the following books are recommendations for you. They are easy-to- read and down-to-earth in their exposition of the truths about your new walk with Christ.
Of course, I must insist here that merely reading the books in a bid to have a theological perspective of Christianity can be disastrous, so endeavour to spend time to pray also as you read these materials.
1. The Gospel of John
You may call this book of the Bible ‘Jesus 101’. Its ultimate aim, the author says, is to the end that you will believe in the Name of Jesus (John 20:31). In essence, the purpose of the Gospel of John is to establish you in the faith. One thread runs through the entire book: believe in Jesus.
As you read, you will journey through the miraculous life Jesus lived and be awed by the amazing teachings of Jesus. Right from John’s testimony of Jesus’ deity (Chapter 1) through Jesus’ exposition on the need to be born again (Chapter 3), as well as His classic teaching on the Good Shepherd, Servanthood, the Holy Spirit, to the climax of His death and resurrection, you are sure to be transported to heights of glory you never imagined.
What about Matthew, Mark, Luke and the other books of the Bible? You can and must also read them, but as I have already indicated, the purpose of John is simple: for you to believe in the Name of Jesus (John 20:31).
So, if you have a Bible, flip over to John and start reading today. Otherwise, please comment below and let’s get you at least a New Testament.

When I was a teenager, I was invited to a special meeting after which the first timers were ushered to a special section and handed this book, Now that you’re born again. It is a simple book by Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, D.Sc. D.D. In it, you will find out so much about who you are in Christ, including the fact that you are sanctified and justified. It’s truly a must-have.
You can get a FREE e-copy here.

Recently, I met a gentleman and asked him whether he knew Reinhard Bonnke. He said “No.” I was amazed, considering he had been in Church since he was born. Well, this man, Bonnke, is an evangelist, who has literally seen over 78 million people give their hearts to Christ in open-air Crusades in Africa over the last 40 years as he preached the Gospel to them. And throughout all these meetings, each of these over 78 million people have received a copy each of this life-changing book, Now that you are Saved. I don’t have to say much about the book but it is highly life-enriching even though it’s just a couple of pages. There is a section, for example, where he talks about how to develop a healthy spiritual life by drinking water, eating, and exercising. Wondering how?
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So, back in the University of Ghana, in level 400, one holiday, there was this meeting held by the Zoe Christian Club at the University Bookshop. I was all the way at Elizabeth Sey Hall, and it was a holiday. I was not really obliged to be at the meeting but I decided to go. So about thirty minutes to time, I set off on foot and went for that meeting. I’m certain that it was one of the smartest long walks I have taken in my lifetime.
The leaders took us through some elementary teachings of Christianity and then when we were about to close, they gave us some cute books. I was excited as I always am when I see books, but little did I know that hidden in these small books were such enlightening words.
One of the books was Basic Elements of the Christian Life (Volume 1) by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. What a book! I read it once and read it again and have read it again and again. The authors discuss the Mystery of Human Life, The Assurance, Security, and Joy of Salvation, The Precious Blood of Christ, Calling on the Name of the Lord and The Key to Experiencing Christ- the Human Spirit. It’s truly a must-have.
You download your FREE e-copy here. And if you want access to more of their resources, you can visit They’re all free.

In one month of 31 days, you can go through this all-important book by Joseph Prince. As you journey through this 31-day journey, you are sure to experience God’s grace in a fresh way and walk in the fullness of the blessing of the Gospel.

You can download your FREE e-copy here.

I wrote this e-book somewhere last year. I believe it’s so vital for believers to understand the tenses of our salvation. So, the book is basically in three parts- you have been saved, you are being saved, and you will be saved. This mini e-book will give you a firm grip on how to actualize who you are in Christ and set your gaze on expecting Jesus’ soon return.
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7. Key Facts for New Believers

Before I begin, let me give you a heads-up: I don’t have the e-copy yet; I only have some hardcopies…so if you want one, simply comment below and we can work out how to get you yours.
Also a simple book by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, this book details essential truths about faith, baptism, prayer and Church membership. It is a very practical guide and you must have a copy for yourself.
Get ready to grow!!!

Random Thoughts [Wisdom is better than Weapons of War]

One night I was playing Killer Bean on my Fire Tablet and I got to a very difficult level. I seemed to lose all my lives at the same point in the course of playing that level. Now, if you are familiar with Gaming apps, you will observe that you can make in-app purchases. So I was tempted to obtain some new weapons in hopes that I will successfully go through the level but upon second thought, I took a raincheck.
I went on to play again. This time, I was more tactical and strategic about my approach in killing the enemies, using elements of stealth and rapid fire. In doing so, I managed to sail through my current level to the next level, without acquiring any additional weapons. Then, this verse became evident to me: “Wisdom is better than weapons of war:…” (Ecclesiastes 9:18).
Ah! Come to think of it: Joshua was getting ready to lead an entire nation into the Promised Land. There were treacherous enemy strongholds that needed conquering. Surely, this young man needed all the help he could get! Swords. Arrows. Bows. Crossbows. Catapults. Men. But one day, God drew his attention to the single most important thing that would set His life on a course of perpetual victory. It was the ultimate battle plan! He said to Joshua, “This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth but you shall meditate therein day and night…” (Joshua 1:8). The Word of God was what Joshua required.
Wisdom is indeed better than weapons of war. What I needed in my quest to move to the next level was wisdom, not more weapons. It would have been a great advantage to obtain more weapons, for they would serve to vanquish the enemies quicker. But even better was to have the wisdom to use the weapons skilfully.
How often we look for more appendages to progress to the next stage, when all we require is wisdom! No wonder the Word says, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom…” (Proverbs 4:7). If you are looking forward to advancing in your course, remember that wisdom is better than weapons of war. Wisdom will put you over! Wisdom will teach how to skilfully manage your resources including money, time and relationships. Wisdom will lead you in the way you should go! Treasure wisdom above all else!
Of course, I can’t leave you without reminding you to guard your heart with all diligence and to think on things which are true, lovely, pure and of good report (Proverbs 4:23; Philippians 4:8).

Random Thoughts [How He loves you!]

You may already be aware that the fullest and greatest extent of the love of God was expressed in Christ on the cross when he shed His blood on that rugged cross for the remission of our sins (Romans 5:8). How out-of-this-world such love is! It can’t be measured! For He Himself said, “Greater love has man than this, that a man should lay down His life for His friends.” (John 15:13).
I have been thinking about how thoughtful the Lord is about me and it keeps me thinking about His goodness, love, grace and mercy! They’re utterly unsearchable. This is one of my random thoughts which may seems extremely random, but I don’t take it lightly at all. You know, David said something striking in Psalm 139, which is so awesome. In verses 17 and 18, he asserts, “How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand: when I awake, I am still with thee.”
Whoa! Let those verses soak in! Read them again! Think upon them! Relish the taste of those heavenly words! Don’t they make you fall in love with Him all over again! Ei! The sum of His thoughts concerning you alone cannot be numbered- they are more than the sand…not on the seashore (all sand!) Lord Jesus! How you love me! How you love us!
So, why am I talking so much about this love of the Lord in this way? Because He showed it to me in another dynamic way that I never considered.
Recently, I got so fascinated by cashew nuts and yearned so much for it…but after one particular encounter with a certain ‘konko’ of cashew nuts I bought, I thought to myself, “Men, these nuts are nuts!”
Anyway, I travelled to Kumasi one day and on my return we stopped at a filling station to stretch and attend to the call of nature. I hadn’t eaten throughout both journeys so I was starving, but I did not know what to eat. I strayed into the filling station shop and then something I have never seen started glistening from one of the shelves. I looked and looked and looked and then I touched it. I held it close to me and and began to read the package! It was cashew nuts…but this time beautifully packaged! I bought it and boarded the bus. Then I opened the package and chewed some ‘samples’. Oh, how nice it was!
By the time, I arrived in Accra, I had eaten 3/4 of the contents. Mind you, it was really a lot. So when I arrived, I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I just buy two? How do I get the same cashew nuts to buy again?” I had no intentions of going back to Kumasi anytime soon.
But lo! It happened that one Friday, about a week or so after travelling to Kumasi, I was once again asked to go on another assignment there. They had no idea how excited I was about the trip! Truth be told, aside the assignment, the trip was a cashew trip! Glory! So I got my cashew nuts on my return journey, plus some books.
One lesson I learnt from these trips was that if you have to do something do it now, for you know not when again you will have another opportunity to do it. As Leonard Ravenhill has said, “The opportunity of a lifetime is seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.”
This may not seem much to you but it means a lot to me and I want to thank God from the depths of my heart for affording me such a great opportunity to get my cashew again.
You may ask, “Aren’t there other filling stations in Accra you could have gotten it in?”
My answer is in the words of song by VaShawn Mitchell: “I searched all over, couldn’t find [no cashew]…”
My encouragement to you is that the faintest thoughts and desires within your heart that you figure the Lord is not concerned about because He’s so busy taking care of the universe are so precious to Him. All you have to do is to believe! Of course, you also have to ask. In my case, I did not even voice it (even though I secretly yearned for it). I was about His business- we went for missions the previous weekend, and won some souls, bringing joy to heaven. I occupied myself soaking messages and spending time in His Presence. Not once did I even talk about it to Him (but I remember keeping the wrapper for whatever reason…maybe because it was pretty attractive). But all along, He had planned to do it for me. Reminds of a verse in Psalm 37: he says delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart (verse 4).
Of course, I cannot leave you without reminding you to guard your heard with all diligence, for out of are the issues of life and to think on things that are true, noble, pure, lovely, and of good report (Proverbs 4:23; Philippians 4:8).

52 Important Books to Read in 2019

Reading is a good habit I am glad that I formed in my early teen years, even though it was quite difficult to acquire at first. As you may know, “Good habits are difficult to form but easy to break.” As a result, I am very particular about my reading habits and I make a big deal of it. If I go a day without peering through some text of some sort, I feel something is missing in my day. Of course, quiet time in the Word and peering through messages on social media may give you a feeling that you have read something. However, I think that’s not enough.
This year, one of the things I have decided to do is to be intentional about what I set out to do. I have noticed that too often we seem passive about what we claim to be our goals for certain seasons of our lives. So, let’s be intentional about our reading!
The year seems long at first glance and huge goals and targets may seem impossible to achieve but breaking them down into manageable timelines will help you to fulfil them.
For some time now, I have wrestled with the thoughts shared by Strive Masiyiwa in one of his articles. He said if you want to really lead, you must read AT LEAST a book a week. I have not yet brought myself to attain that goal but each month, I have a reading goal of at least one book.
So, I want to share with you my list of 52 books I am committing to read this year. As you know, there are 52 weeks in a year so one book for each week of the year will do. Mind you, Week 1 is already in motion.
Here’s my list:


The Old Testament of the Holy Bible
Last year, I set out to read through the Bible cover to cover day by day through the year. Using my One-Year Bible, I gradually made significant progress and missed many days (in my bid to make up for the previous missed ones), thus piling them up into many weeks. So eventually, I skipped quite a number of portions of the Bible.
After I got saved, God inundated me with a great hunger for His Word. I recall how much I enjoyed the New Testament, savouring it entirely until I ‘finished it.’ But for some strange reason, I didn’t want to get out of the New Testament, I could read the same portions in the New Testament every day I woke up to read my Bible but it seemed as though I was averse to the Old Testament. Unless we turned to a text in the Old Testament at Church or there was a reference to a portion in the Old Testament from my Devotional, I’d stay in the New Testament.
So one night, I had a vision or dream or whatever you want to call it (but it was spiritual) and I knew it was the Lord speaking to me. He admonished me to read the Old Testament. That experience has stuck with me since, and so whenever I have the temptation to neglect the Old Testament, I remember it.
In fact, the Old Testament is replete with so many New Testament realities that are simply veiled.
So the Old Testament for me is a big deal. Since I could not fully capture its essence last year, I have determined to not just read it but to study it through this year.
I figure that my Daily Readings were inconsistent mostly because of the length of the portions. Sometimes, they were quite long. But that’s not an excuse- I have to make time for it.


What Happened from the Cross to the Throne
This amazing treatise by E.W. Kenyon gives you an in-depth exposé on the Pauline revelation of Jesus’ entire death, burial, resurrection, ascension and enthronement.


Living a Life of Fire
If you were to ask me what gift I wanted for my 25th birthday, I wouldn’t blink before shouting this title. Since its release, I have yearned to have my own copy to read. Though quite a huge volume of over 600 pages, I believe its contents are full of life and power.
Living a Life of Fire is Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s autobiography.


Live before you die
This is another riveting title I’m absolutely awe-struck by! It’s a definitive guide to identifying and living out the call of God for your life. If you’re confused about what’s next in your journey of life, this book is filled with the answers you need. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda is the author.


The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
I don’t need to say much- if it’s by John C. Maxwell, it’s a good leadership book!


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Please, don’t be amazed! I have not yet read this book, and I still don’t know why. But it’s not too late to learn from these life-enriching principles by Stephen R. Covey.


The Triumphant Church
So a year or two ago, a very good friend lent this book by Kenneth Hagin to me. The title shows its importance, and it’s gathering dust, so I have to read it!


Church Growth
Recommended reading for G-Youth this year! Read it once and already on it again! Bishop Dag’s down-to-earth approach is so helpful indeed!


Victory Secrets
I think this book will be useful to me this year and always! It’s part of the books in my Makarios60.


The Torch and the Sword
A sequel to The Call, this book by Rick Joyner is so important in these last day.


Long Walk to Freedom
I learnt from Dr. Mike Murdock that studying the lives of great achievers is important to your success as a leader. This is the autobiography of the late Nelson Mandela.


God is a Matchmaker
Marriage! Does it matter that much? I think so! I think who you marry will determine how your life turns out. In this practical book, Derek and Ruth Prince lay out God’s blueprint for preparing for and having a successful and fulfilling marriage! As they say, “To be forewarned is to be forearmed!”


Kathryn Kuhlman- Her Spiritual Legacy and Its Impact on my Life
This book by Pastor Benny Hinn is blessing me right now!


God of Miracles, Signs and Wonders
This book will blow you away into the miraculous and the supernatural! Written by Bishop Matthew Addae-Mensah, this is the book to help you activate the anointing in your ministry.
So, in no particular order, those are my 52 books for this year. Yep! You counted right- the Old Testament is made up of 39 books!
If you’re a student bogged down with textbooks, don’t worry. Just apportion your time wisely with a good balance and you’ll be able to do much more reading outside your school scope!

10th Anniversary of an Unbreakable Union

9 years ago, I got married to the Love of my life. She is everything to me. Next year, we celebrate our 10th anniversary of this unbreakable union. Our union is what you’d call a mystery, for “he that is joined to the Lord is one Spirit.”

Yes! She is the One who called out to me with her lush Voice, caressing my eardrums!

How Wisdom loves me! She showers me with new mercies day by day! How intimate are we? Well, She knows practically everything about me from before I was born to why I was born. Plus, She guides me into all truth, ready to show me things to come! Wisdom has been my strength and my shield! She is my salvation! She is my Helper, my Defender and my Hope! In Her, I put my trust! With Her, nothing is impossible! How well do I know her? Well, for starters, She is love personified! She sees the best in me and everyone else! Her heart is that all men will be saved! She is light, dwelling in unapproachable light! The depth of the knowledge of Wisdom is unsearchable!

Oh! How She sets my life in order! Her instructions are sweeter than honey! Her words flow over my souls like a brook, washing away all putrefaction and blackness of darkness! She shows me that I am not a nobody, even when I am convinced that nothing good can come out of me!

Oh! The love of my life! It’s been only 9 years and this journey has just begun! I am excited about our 10th anniversary in the approaching year! I am looking forward to more adventures in the Secret Place, where the height of romance and divine intimacy make me lose sight of the world around me. For as I lift up my hands to You in worship, You stir in my heart a yet deeper longing for your Presence!

More adventures under the sheets in that Secret Place to bear much fruit! For without Her I can do nothing! Oh! How we want to give birth to many more sons and daughters into our aristocratic dynasty!

And Oh! That terrible deceiver who constantly wants to draw my desires and affections from You, He has lost me eternally, for you are the love of my life! Let him throw his best shot- that’s all it’ll remain- short! For You have hidden me in You! Your Name is my strong tower- my place of safety!

Thank you for being there for me always, as you promised, Love of my life!

Wisdom is the Principal thing so get Wisdom!

Jesus loves you so much! Believe in His Name and you will be saved!