If Motherhood were a Neighbourhood…

If Motherhood were a neighbourhood

You’d be more celebrated than the Red Riding Hood

If Motherhood were a priesthood

Your sacrifices would be more pleasing than the choicest food

Through your firm Motherhood,

You have turned our childhood to adulthood

Through your fierce Motherhood,

You have turned girlhood to womanhood

Through your fearless Motherhood,

You have turned aimless bachelorhood into profitable livelihood

Indeed, you have proved to be the greatest- for the one who serves is the greatest

And of course, your life of Motherhood entirely depicts servanthood!

#EDIFY…poetry that builds you!

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How to make and keep making More Money this Decade!

What better way to begin a new decade than to educate yourself about financial Independence! As you may already know, aside time, money is one of the resources that you must manage wisely in order to attain some of your life goals. In line with this, about 20 people converged at the HMI Management Services Training Center to learn about how to set and achieve your financial goals on Saturday, 11th January, 2020.

Know your Present State

The session began with a word of prayer. Mr. Albert Kusi, an experienced investment consultant, began by saying the first step to financial independence is to assess you current situation. Here, he meant knowing your asset base and your net worth at present. In line with this, he said you have to know your net worth which is assets minus liabilities. Under knowing your assets, he made mention of investment, cars, clothing etc. He then continued by asking if clothing falls under assets. In response, a member of the audience said no but then another person said clothing can be considered as asset only if it can generate income for you. Mr. Kusi then said it’s very debatable as to whether clothing is an asset or not. He then continued to say all things you believe are yours (the things you own ) are your assets.
Liabilities are people and things you owe. He then continue to say that owings is not just about loans but can be borrowings and all other things you believe are not yours. He said if even you stay with your parents, it can be considered under liabilities in that the person who has rented his place might have a higher net worth than you. In essence, he said, liabilities are not just owings but all the things that are not yours. So your total assets less your total liabilities equals your net worth. He then gave a scenario by saying you have if you have GH¢1000 in your savings account, GH¢500 in investment, you have a laptop, a phone etc., it’s important to know all these these things fall under your assets. You need not to have all these things in liquid (cash) to become assets. Fixed assets plus current assets equal your total assets, less your liabilities gives you net worth.
Set SMART Financial Goals
In order to achieve financial independence, you need to assess your your asset base currently in order to set SMART goals. SMART, he said, is an abbreviation for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timeable. In order to set SMART goals, your current situation needs to be assessed. For example, if you have GH¢500 in your account, how come you want to end the year with GH¢1m in your account, what are the things you need to put in place in order to achieve the stated goal.
The first step in setting and achieving financial goals is to assess your current situation. When you are able to do that, it gives you a fair idea as to how to set your goals. It’s important to set a goal but you need to be disciplined. He then continued by outlining what you must do to achieve your financial goals:
  1. “You must not put all pressure on your job to achieve your financial goals; get multiple streams of income,” he said. It’s not your company’s responsibility to help you achieve your financial goals; you need to set your priorities right. “Be careful you are not under pressure when dealing with financial goals,” he cautioned. When dealing with financial goals, you must;
  • Avoid pressure
  • Live within your means; don’t spend more than you earn.
  • Avoid unnecessary spending. Desist from buying things you don’t really need. “Don’t change your lifestyle when your income changes,” he cautioned again. Here, he meant upward movement of salary. Plan for unforseen circumstances.
When dealing with setting and achieving financial goals, observe the following;
  • Assess your current situation which has early on been explained.
  • Set a financial target for yourself
  • Devise a plan for your target. Let your budget give you an idea of how to spend, pay attention to your spending.

Save & Invest Wisely

To talk of investment which is the next point, he cautioned the audience to know the difference between investment and savings. People keep so much money in their savings account instead of pushing it to an investment account.
  • Pay yourself. Here, consider ‘pay yourself’ as a replacement for the word investment. Don’t ignore family entirely when dealing with financial goals. He cautioned participants not to be greedy in their quest to earn money and achieve financial Independence in that people look for high risk investment with high benefits instead of low risk investment with moderate income or benefits. “Diversify your portfolio,” he said. Value mobile money because it can cause you to spend more than you have planned.
  • Learn to start small.
  • Get a financial advisor. Find out all your streams of income. He ended by saying participants can invest in collective investment schemes which include mutual funds and unit trust funds. There is less risk in doing this investment in that people pool resources together to do this investment.
The program ended with a closing prayer by a participant.
What a marvelous way to begin a decade.

This report was written by Gabriel Narh Tetteh, a level 100 Business Administration student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

The Place to be this Season

Relationships, one could argue, are the stuff of humans. We do not live in isolation; from
birth we interact with others in our lives – parents, siblings, friends, teachers, neighbors,
loved ones – and enmesh ourselves in a web of relationships that shape our persons and the
trajectory of our lives. We live every day in the context of these relationship.

The Youth are vulnerable to this and creating platforms and programmes to aid address and educate is the way to go especially in these Times.

1. Creates a good platform for the youth in the church to learn about issues of love by inviting Mentors in this field to educate and share their experiences
– especially in these times where we have relationship, marriage challenges etc.
– gives opportunity for sharing of good marriage experiences n practices

2. Gives the youth in the church one time opportunity to know themselves.

3. Strategically placed around the Valentine season creating an opportunity and a good option to attend a good program amidst the many competing vals day programmes by the world.
– prevents the youth from engaging in activities “elsewhere” which may not benefit them.

4. Adds colour and diversity to the normal church youth programs organised by churches.

5. “Providing young Christian couples and the youth with a lifelong skill set, rooted in knowledge and skill-
based interventions, for all forms and types of christian relationships and marriages.

6. Love Soiree helps in setting the stage for healthy christian mingling, building skills to manage New, existing and “yet to happen” relationships.

7. Enhancing the faith and believe of participants in lasting marriage despite challenges to have and behold by giving them the opportunity to interact and listen to first hand successful marriage stories from Christians married couples within and outside the church.

We believe this is a great opportunity for the youth and young couples to be blessed with insight and wisdom from experienced Papas and Mamas

Here are further details:




RATE: GHS 40.00

Please call or text 0243028241 or 0576285800 to get your ticket delivered to you.